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Liquidation Gold

A Guide For Amazon Sellers

Liquidation Gold For Amazon FBA Sellers

Have you ever heard about these amazing stores called “Liquidation Stores?”  If you have ever been to one yourself, you may have completely overlooked it as a viable source for inventory.  Often times people get overwhelmed by the fact that these stores are dirty, in “bad neighborhoods” and seem to only carry expired goods.

A good number of sellers are actually making a killing off of items that are found in these surplus stores.  The thing is, you have to know how to navigate them.  They aren’t like your everyday Target or Walgreens.  These stores a whole new breed.  They need to be looked at in a completely different light than other inventory sources you may have come across.

So Then What’s The Big Deal?

I have worked with many people locally and even taken them with me to liquidation stores, and they still aren’t sure how they could be a good place to source products.  The truth is, there really are WAY more products in these stores that are absolutely worthless versus what is a good option for inventory!  When we purchase items from liquidation we are often choosing 3-5 products out of the whole story.  Here is the kicker, we are buying TONS of each product.  We rarely purchase items from a liquidation store where the quantity available is less than 10.  We prefer more than 20, but we NEVER buy singles.

Think about how much easier it would be to process your inventory if you had multiples of each item!  Most of us sellers get started buying clearance which means buying 1-5 of each product.  So, that leaves a lot of items to be entered in as listings on Amazon, and different packaging types.

See How We Have Used Liquidation To Get HUGE Margins!

Cliff & Jessica Larrew of “The Selling Family”, have used liquidation as their main source of inventory since they discovered these stores in 2011.  Buying liquidation was truly a game changer for our family!  Let us show you how we have been able to find products that have very little competition, have very high margins and can often be purchased in big “lots”.

In this guide we will share with you how we navigate through these stores and what type of stuff we are looking for.  This is a great resource if you have found a local surplus store and feel like it is just a dud!  We will show you how to go into them with a new vision.

Buying Liquidation is the main component behind us being able to become a work from home FAMILY that doesn’t spend 80+ hours a week working!  To this day we still heavily leverage liquidation buys and use them to keep our profit high.  We are talking about buying items for $1.00 and selling them for $10+.  We once purchased over 200 chap sticks for $1.00 each that sold in packs of 6 for $59.95.  With those kinds of margins, you don’t need to have a lot of investment money!

My journey into Amazon FBA selling began with your wonderful book “Liquidation Gold”. I had a working knowledge of how selling on Amazon worked but it was your book that showed me how to get huge return on my investment dollars! Since that time I have purchased every product you have released and have applied your suggestions to the benefit of my bottom line. Please continue to share your experiences and knowledge as I for one can assure you that you are changing peoples lives for the better.

Michael Flanagan

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By The Mess!

Let us guide you through your next Liquidation Store visit!  You will no longer just see a bunch of expired goods that have a thick layer of dust on them.  You will start seeing little flecks of gold, just waiting for you to pluck it out.  Soon, you will be sharing your own stories of incredible finds that people will have a hard time believeing!

This guide is a quick and easy read, with no fluff.  I go right through and answer all of the questions that have been asked of me the most when I tell people about our secret weapon of surplus!

I really liked how easy it was to understand the concepts and processes you used. Many of the questions I had were anticipated and placed in the guide. I feel like it was really well thought out with the end user in mind. I appreciated that there was no condescension and you didn’t talk over anyone’s head.


Here’s What You Can Expect

  • Ways to find liquidation stores near you so you can start the treasure hunt
  • Categories that I frequent for the highest margins and quickest returns
  • Strategies to ask for discounts when you are clearing a shelf
  • A pocket reference guide of expiration dates to know what is a “safe buy” and what is too close
  • Bonus of the strategy that we used to grow our business quickly and how we reinvested
  • Even MORE…

I found the book to be very helpful and well written regarding sourcing strategy, pricing and other key aspects of managing a profitable FBA business. Thanks for providing a solid source of helpful information, especially for those of us relatively new to FBA.


I like that Jessica uses screen shots to show her listing and what it sold for and what her profit was. I like the 3x rule. Liquidation Gold was defiantly worth the price. Jessica, thank you for sharing what has worked for you. I appreciate your candidness. I intend on using these methods when I source for my first time tomorrow.


Who Is Jessica Larrew Anyway?

Jessica Larrew

IJessica Larrew have been selling on Amazon full time for over 5 years and am passionate about helping new and experienced sellers reach their financial goals.  After just a few short years of working the Amazon business solo, I was able to bring my husband home as well!  We call ourselves full time sellers, when the reality is we are working less than 20 hours a week combined and making more than a six figure income from selling on Amazon.com.  I put trainings together in the way that I learn the best and that is by going over every detail step by step.  All of the courses I put out come from my own experience and are tested by my students prior to ever being released to the “public”.  You can rest assured that the methods shared with you in my guides are proven

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