Most Amazon Sellers know that Black Friday is a great day to find inventory to resell on Amazon.

Unfortunately, you can't just show up at the store Thanksgiving day and walk out with a bunch of profitable inventory!

You have to prep and plan ahead so that you can grab the best items and already know what items are doing well on Amazon already 🙂

That's why I have these

12 Tips For Amazon Sellers To Make The Most Out Of Black Friday Sourcing

1. Watch each retail stores Black Friday ads and see if any of your current inventory is going on sale. If you have 10 of a product on the way to Amazon or already there that you bought a regular retail price and you notice Toys R Us is going to be running a 50% off sale on that same product. 
Odds are that products price is going to go way down. I would price that product to move at the current buy box price or you can hold onto it a little bit longer and wait out the lower priced sellers. If it was us we would match the buy box price and turn the money.
Just make sure that you are not trying to compete with people who purchase at a price 50% less than you paid!  That will be a losing game for sure.
2. If you plan on sourcing on Black Friday make sure to know the schedule of the stores in your area. Some of them open Thanksgiving Day at different times.
It's called Black Friday, but the truth is, it's really Thursday when most of us are going out.
Plan times based on when a store is opening, or the deals you want to get for sure.
If one store opens at 3, and another at 7…Go to the one at 3 first, then head to the one at 7.
3.  Plan ahead for Family Time.  I know it can be hard to decide if you should shop on Thanksgiving or not!  This is going to be a personal decision for everyone in the group, and we support you whether you choose to go out into the stores or stay home.
This day has a potential to be huge for buying inventory.  
So if you are in, plan your family activites for the early day so you have time and energy to go out.
4.  I don't recommend taking kids out with you on BF unless they are teenagers!  
5.  Take someone with you to watch your cart while  you run around.  It's easier to navigate a store without the cart because it is so busy.  I often have Cliff hold 2 carts while I go to a few aisles and grab things.  Then we move.
6.  I would list all the lightweight items  you can Merchant Fulfill through the weekend.  Prices will be the highest over the weekend and you can often flip those items really quickly.
7.  Whatever you don't sell MF, ship out ASAP.  No holding onto any items and shopping more.  Ship > Shop.
8.  If you can get to the store the day before, they often put out a lot of the special items (just not on sale) and you can scope out where things are.  The better your plan on the day, the easier it is to get in / out.
9.  Be nice to employees!  Try to help them as much as you can while checking out.  
10.  If there are limits on items you really want, check out and head back in.  Also, bring someone with you and do multiple checkouts (not just for yourself though, have another actual person).
11. When sourcing product on Black Friday we have noticed over the years that there tends to be way more competition on smaller and cheaper products priced under $10. Don't be afraid to look at some bigger priced items or even heavier items because they tend to scare other sellers away resulting in less competition. 
Remember to always check Keepa and Camel Camel Camel to see what the ranking, pricing, and Amazons stock levels have done recently on all products you source.


12.  Check the ads to see when/if they do online sales.  Many of the same items will go on sale at midnight Thanksgiving and you may be able to grab many of the items on your list online. 

Do you have any other tips for sourcing Black Friday that I may have missed?  I would love to hear yours as well!  Share them in the comments below.

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