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Amazon Seller's Q4 Coaching & Bolo Exchange

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Q4 Coaching Group Success StoriesThe 4th Quarter is the time of year when Amazon sellers can pretty much make as much money as they want to.  Just like retail stores who wait for Black Friday to finally “go into the black” on the books, Amazon sellers wait for Q4 knowing that this is the time of year where they can 3x+ their sales for the rest of the year!

Many of our students “take it easy” from January - October and then go full speed the last couple months of the year, often time's making enough money to take it easy the beginning months of the next year.

 If it is planned correctly, sellers can make up half of their yearly income in a month or two!

Failing To Plan = Planning To Fail

The worst thing that can happen during this season, is to just “wing it”.

Q4 Success Stories 30k first yearSure, a lot of the same “year round” strategies apply…But, Q4 is a totally different beast!

Something that is selling for the retail price today, could be selling on Amazon for 3x+ in just a few days because of a change in the market.

Our goal for our coaching students is to help you spot those trends and be ready for them!

We Are Here To Help You Navigate Your Way To Unbelievable Profits

Q4 Success Group Coaching Success of 20k in salesWhen it comes to helping Amazon sellers rock Q4, this is not our first rodeo!  We hosted one of the original “Q4 Coaching Groups” and have seen more and more success with our students every year.

Many of whom come back every year to make sure they don't miss out on any of the changes, and always have someone to ask for guidance.

Group Coaching, Mastermind and BOLO Exchange

Rebecca Testimonial For Q4 Amazon Seller Coaching GroupThis year, we are combining 3 powerful aspects to create one amazing Q4 Group.

Group Coaching and Masterminding:

Jessica & Cliff Larrew of The Selling Family bring group coaching in the form of topic threads and Facebook Lives.  

The topic threads are a way that we can share important information with you and help keep you on track for the 4th Quarter.

Things like:

  • Q4 Coaching Group Success Story 2016What should I be doing now?
  • What dates do we need to know?
  • How to buy the perfect amounts of product?
  • Switching to the “retail mindset” needed for Q4.
  • Halloween is the 1st Q4 Holiday!
  • What to do about Thanksgiving…
  • Amazon Seller Shares About 4th Quarter Success Because Of Q4 Coaching GroupShould Black Friday be about buying or selling?
  • When should you bundle in Q4?

These topics and more will be discussed with the group.  

This is where all of our minds are better than one!  We all have different thoughts and opinions about how to navigate situations and we welcome and encourage all members to voice their thoughts in the topic threads!

Facebook Live Training and Q&A Sessions

One Day Of Sales In Q4 Over 13,000!We will go live in the Facebook Group 4x to bring you training that applies to Q4 and answer any questions you have at that time.

This is the time to talk with Jessica and Cliff about anything you may be struggling with, as well as get new strategies to apply right away.

BOLO Exchange

The BOLO Exchange is probably the thing we are most excited about for this years Q4 Coaching Group.

One of the things our members want more and more of every year are BOLOs (Be On the Look Out items).  But, we've always struggled with exactly how to share awesome items with our group members, without saturating the market…and keeping it “fair” for all members!

Q4 Success Story.  Selling over $100,000 in DecemberSo this year we are implementing our BOLO Exchange!

Every week we will have a new list of BOLO items provided by Jessica & Cliff, and then it gets better.  To get access to the list for the week, you have to participate by providing a BOLO to the list.

If you share an item for the week, you get access to all of the other BOLOs that have been shared that week.

This means that the number of BOLOs will match the number of people getting access to them.

If there are 50 people seeing the list, that means there are 50 qualified BOLOs on the list!

If there are 300 people seeing the list for the week, then there are 300 items you can be looking for.

If you participate in the exchange every week, you will have hundreds of items to be looking for throughout the season.

There is no extra charge to participate in the exchange, all you have to do is participate 🙂  This keeps it fair and a win win for everyone who provides BOLOs.

Exciting right?

Ready To Join The Best Q4 Coaching Group?

Joining The 50K In 30 Days Club For Amazon Sellers!If all of this sounds like a no brainer to you, then we are ready to welcome you into the Q4 Family!

We aren't going to do a lot of “selling” on this sales page.  Our goal is to get the real go getters in the group this year and that's it.

As you can see from all of the screenshots on this page, the results of this group speak for themselves! 

We celebrate the success of each member, whether that is a goal of $1,000 in profit, or $100,000 or more in profit.

It's not all about Jessica & Cliff…It's all about the members who make this all work and be such a success!  We facilitate and bring out your best.

The Fun Starts October 1st, 2017

The cost of this years Q4 Coaching Group & BOLO Exchange is $397. 

This gives you access to the private group from now (we officially start October 1st) until the end of the year.

The BOLO Exchange will start the first week in October as well.


Refund Policy

**Please note that there are no refunds offered on our 4th Quarter Coaching Group.  We ask that when you commit to participating that you consider all things going on in your life at the time and you are ready to rock this Q4 with us.  It isn’t fair for other participants if you access the coaching for a short time and then get your money back.**