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Hi there! We are Jessica, Cliff & Aiden… The FAMILY behind
‘The Selling Family'.

If you had told me back in 2008 that losing my job would be the best thing to ever happen to me, I would have said you were crazy…Through a bunch of tears and anger! You see, I had big plans for “climbing the corporate ladder” and making good money as someone who was in charge. But, the economy had a different plan, and working in the housing industry left me in a position that could be done without.

I got let go from my job, and decided that would be the last time someone else was in charge of my financial future. Now, at this point in life, I have been an entrepreneur for more years of my life than I was an employee. AMEN

Losing my job, really gave Cliff and I a chance to decide what was really important in life, and how we were going to move forward. So, we decided that I would work from home, we would start a family, and we would let go of the house we had bought during the housing BOOM (that had declined in price more than 50%).

Things changed quickly as we got pregnant right after starting to try and Cliff quit his job to come work from home with me less than a year after I started selling on Amazon.

During the foreclosure process (which takes For.ever) we were able to tighten up our budget, and save up some money. So, when the process was finally over, our business had actually started booming, and we had a good amount of money in savings.

We were able to basically start our lives over! We were working for ourselves, making good money, and showing our son what it was like to work together as a family.

Starting this Website

Most of our family and friends didn't “get” what we were doing to make money. And really thought that we were going crazy.

On the outside, we were losing it all.

But on the inside, things were coming together perfectly, and we were living the lives we chose!

I started blogging about selling on Amazon as an outlet to share with people what we were actually doing, and how it could change their lives as well.

Over the years, the site has grown into one of the most popular blogs about selling on Amazon, and a place where I could share my creativity and knack for teaching others.

Choosing a lifestyle business that blessed our family has been the best decision we could have ever made!

The Selling Family has become more than just an “Amazon Blog” and we are excited you are here to experience all we have to offer!

Make a Full-time

Our step-by-step will show you exactly how to use the Amazon FBA program to build the business of your dreams.

Are you ready to put
your family first

while still building an awesome business?

As entrepreneurs we love the idea of being able to work from home and spending more time with our families, but have you ever felt like your business has gotten in the way of doing just that?

We totally get that!

The reason we started The Selling Family was to inspire you to put your family first while still making a comfortable living.

Too often we see people build a business, and lose their family in the process, our goal for you is to involve your family in your business, so you get more time together, not less!

What you can Expect

From The Selling Family

Here at The Selling Family, we want to share with you how you can live the life of your dreams, have a rocking business and most importantly, put your family first! You will find information on many topics, all that have been put into practice in our own lives and business.


What has helped us grow our business, without adding more hours onto the schedule.


Tools and resources that we use and recommend to make your business more efficient


Product flips that have turned out well


Some not so hot product duds (we all make bad buying decisions, right?)


Success stories from other online sellers who have chosen a lifestyle business model


How to add passive income streams, so you can benefit from today's work for years to come


Ways we save money doing things we love


So much more!


My wife Kristi and I were looking for a business that we could do together, and that has the potential to replace my income. After hearing about cliff and Jessica and the lifestyle design that they created for themselves we knew that we wanted that too. Now thanks to them we have created a lifestyle that enables us to work the hours we want so that we can have the lifestyle design that we dreamed.

-Scooter Lofton

Our online business lifestyle started over 10 years ago, but until we met Jessica we didn't know we could have a “life”. Jessica and Cliff have taught us that our business does not have to run our life and that we both deserve to have more time and freedom.

-Ryan & Debra Conrad