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Hello Friends!

We would like to invite you to come and get to know The Selling Family a little bit better.

Here we will share how we can help you reach your dreams and give you some of the dirt on us!


~ The Selling Family

(Cliff, Jessica & Aiden)

Are you ready to choose your family over your business?family at desk (1000)

As entrepreneurs we love the idea of being able to work from home and spending more time with our families, but have you ever felt like your business has gotten in the way of doing just that?

We totally get that!

The reason we started The Selling Family was to inspire you to put your family first while still making a comfortable living.

What can you expect from The Selling Family?

family labeling (1000)Here at The Selling Family, we want to share with you how you can live the life of your dreams, have a rocking business and most importantly, put your family first!

Here you will find:

  • Things that have helped us grow our business, without adding more hours onto the schedule.
  • Tools and resources that we use and recommend to make your business more efficient
  • Product flips that have turned out well
  • Some not so hot product duds (we all make bad buying decisions, right?)
  • Success stories from other online sellers who have chosen a lifestyle business model
  • So much more!

Who has The Selling Family inspired to do great things?

Living a lifestyle of putting our family first and helping others do the same would mean nothing if it wasn’t changing lives of other entrepreneurs!   We would like to share a highlight from another family who wasn’t afraid to take action in their own business 🙂

My wife Kristi and I were looking for a business that we could do together, and that has the potential to replace my income. After hearing about cliff and Jessica and the lifestyle design that they created for themselves we knew that we wanted that too. Now thanks to them we have created a lifestyle that enables us to work the hours we want so that we can have the lifestyle design that we dreamed. Scooter Lofton

Our online business lifestyle started over 10 years ago, but until we met Jessica we didn’t know we could have a “life”. Jessica and Cliff have taught us that our business does not have to run our life and that we both deserve to have more time and freedom.  Ryan & Debra Conrad

It’s time to meet The Selling Family!

family sitting (1000)

Hi!  We are Cliff, Jessica & Aiden.  We are behind The Selling Family 🙂

A few years ago we decided that we were going to take our lives into our own hands and leave the corporate world once and for all.  For Jessica, the decision was not ours.  When she got let go from her job in 2008, she knew that was going to be the last time that someone else would be able to determine her “financial value”.  A few years later, Cliff was sick of coming home tired and frustrated from a job that was draining him.  It was then that we had the life changing conversation where we chose to take control and QUIT!

Jessica had replaced most of Cliff’s income and worked out a budget where we could live on less money if we had to.  It was at that time that we chose our family was more important than money!

Most of our family and friends didn’t “get” how we would be willing to give up the security of a high paying management position.  But we knew that we were capable of replacing the lost income and more.

The first year that we ran the Amazon business together, working less than 20 hours a week total, we made over 6 figures profit!  Since then, we have decreased our average work time and increased our profits.

Choosing a lifestyle business that blessed our family has been the best decision we could have ever made!

How can we help you live the life of YOUR dreams?

We would love nothing more than to partner with you to begin to live a life where you choose your destiny. First, we would like to invite you to sign up for our free “Why Selling On Amazon Works” ebook by Clicking Here For Your Free Copy

Next, we would like to invite you to browse all of the trainings that we have put together to help you start or grow your own Amazon business.  You can find them all here.