By: Jessica Larrew and Dan & Eric of The Wholesale Formula

Have you been considering adding wholesale sourcing to your Amazon business?  Today we have a great training webinar by Dan & Eric of The Wholesale Formula.  

In this webinar, Dan & Eric shared with us how they went from a $600 credit card limit doing Retail Arbitrage to running a business that does multiple millions a year, all while they work just a couple of hours a week.  

As you will see, it took a few years of really putting in the “work”, but they have finally gotten it to where their business takes less than 20 hours of work per week each, and they are able to outsource most of the processes.

The good news it, you can add in as much or as little as you would like.  Don't want a million dollar business?  No problem!  But if you do, they can help with that as well!

They have 6 steps for getting started using wholesale for Amazon and then we spent almost an hour answering the audiences most pressing questions about how this business model works.  

Dan & Eric have opened up their Wholesale Training Workshop exclusively for The Selling Family community this week (only until Friday night) so make sure to check out these videos 🙂

Once you go through the video series, you will be able have the opportunity to purchase their training.  I had to beg them to open the training because they normally only open it 2x per year!  

The course details are under the 4th video (you can click on that video in the top menu here).