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Are You Looking For The Best Amazon FBA Course?

If you’re here and reading this page (and HEY, you ARE!) then you already know how awesome having an Amazon FBA business is.  You just need an awesome Amazon FBA course to help fill in some of the blanks.  Am.I.Right?

You could spend hours (or WEEKS, or MONTHS) drowning in open browser tabs while you sort out all of the details of starting an Amazon FBA business, using Google, You Tube and FREE Facebook groups…

OR you can let ME help you with the BEST Amazon FBA course! I’ve been where you are now, and my family has grown an Amazon business that made more than six figures in profit OUR FIRST FULL YEAR! Plus, I LOVE working with cool people like you to grow a profitable business. In fact, over 3,500 people have gone through this course already!  

So you will definitely be in good company!

Let’s See If All Of This Is A Good Fit For YOU…

The Amazon Boot Camp is SO EASY to follow!

Leslie Smith is a big fan of The Selling Family courses and shares why she had to join The Vault“The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp was the first training I purchased, and it made starting our FBA business MUCH smoother than it would have been otherwise.


I find Jessica’s teaching style very easy to follow.


So then I bought the Back to School guide and learned a ton of information I never would have been aware of as a new seller. Then the Grocery Guide, then Liquidation Gold, then the Holiday Guide plus coaching, etc, etc. The GoDaddy Tutorial in particular is really valuable and easy to understand.


When Jessica announces new trainings, I didn’t hesitate for one second - I WANT IT ALL. I can’t wait to dig into all the other trainings.”

– Leslie Smith

Let’s See If Any Of This Sounds Familiar To YOU…

If I am dreaming and you are my friend..Please don't wake me up until my numbers start falling. If you are new to TSF and just jumping into this let me just say you made a hell of a decision. It's impossible to see it now if you are green to FBA like I was in August and kept hearing about this "Q4" thing over and over. Hearing is nothing like EXPERIENCING the rush you get from seeing all of your hard work pay off. Keep moving forward and trust the system.When it comes to building an Amazon business, you’re:

Stuck at the starting point.  You aren’t even sure exactly how to start.  

Overwhelmed by all of the information available that seems to be sending you in all different directions.  You just need someone who knows what they are talking about and can take you from point A to point B.  (Hello, my name is Jessica!)

Stalled at the point of having a couple of sales but don’t know where to go now.  You’ve done the legwork to get up and running, but how can you continue on in this business, and make sure you are profitable?  You need to know exactly what to do next.

Need Support.  You are tired of asking Google or the scary Amazon forum trolls every time you have a quick question.  There has to be someone willing to answer your questions in a quick and friendly manner, right?

Today I finally broke $1000 in 30 days!!! I started in early October with only a couple hundred dollars for seed money 💰, so this is just huge!!! On my way to financial freedom! My goal is to bring my husband home from his day job within 18 months, and I fully intend to get there! I give God the glory for helping us find Jessica Larrew's ABC and setting us on this new path ❤️You KNOW that building an Amazon business is right for you because YOU:

Have a desire to own a business that provides income for your family, while giving you the freedom to set your own schedule and do most of the work from home.

See the advantage of having Amazon do the fulfilling for you.  By having them store, pack and ship your items, you can scale your business above what you could if you were doing it all on your own.

Enjoy shopping and finding great bargains. So why not do it in a way that makes you money?

Have struggled at other ‘make money from home’ gigs and need something that is real and proven!

Or, maybe you just want a fun hobby that makes money.  

Thats cool too 🙂

If you are sitting there saying “Yeah, That’s ME”, then keep on reading!

John made his money back from the course in less than TWO WEEKS!

John Peterson Testimonial PictureI started selling on FBA using the tutorials Amazon has. But it was hard for me to navigate through them all to find out what information was most pertinent to my new business. I decided to invest in the Amazon Boot Camp and immediately knew it was for me. From helping me set up the scanning app on my phone to having “assignments” that helped me understand sourcing. This class gave me the information that best helped me start out and increase my sales each month. The support in the Boot Camp Facebook Group alone has been worth every penny I invested in the whole course. My ROI for this class was about 2 weeks, so the value has more than paid for itself.

- John Peterson

Alright, I’ve Got The Solution To All Of The Above!

It’s called the Amazon Boot Camp and it will help you build an Amazon FBA Business that is:

  1.  More Profitable
    I will help you to set your profit goals and make sure you reach them by knowing your real numbers.
  2. Less Stressful
    No more guesswork!  I will take you step-by-step through the entire process of building your Amazon business.
  3. Supported
    Our members only Facebook group will be your number one place to go when you need someone who “gets it.” 
  4. Constantly Growing
    We have trainings that will guide you to new levels and take you through a natural progression of this business.

But, don’t just take my word for it!

The Amazon Boot Camp helped fill in the gaps from doing it alone from the beginning!

I can’t say enough about Jessica Larrew and the Amazon Boot Camp. It takes you step by step through the entire process of setting up and running your own Amazon business. When I bought the course, I had already been selling Products on Amazon for more than a year. I decided to take this course because I still had so many unanswered questions and holes in my own knowledge about this business. The Amazon Boot Camp answered all of those questions and more. What I like most is that Jessica lays everything out in a logical, sequential, and organized manner. No stone is left unturned. She covers it all and makes it clear and easy to understand. Jessica keeps adding new videos and training to the course materials to keep us updated. Jessica really cares about your success and is a fantastic mentor. The Amazon Boot Camp is well-worth your time and money. I highly recommend it!

- Donna Rod

Why Am I The ONE To Teach You How To Start An Amazon Business?…

Cliff & Jessica August 2014 (1)-2That’s a great question!

Back in 2008 (you know that time when the economy basically collapsed?), I was working at a job that I enjoyed.  Everyday I got to go to work with my hubby and saw a lot of potential for growth!

I was working hard, and had a small side hustle on eBay where I was bringing in some spending money for Christmas and craft hobbies…Mostly, it gave me an outlet to keep shopping bargains and couponing, without becoming a hoarder.

In the blink of an eye though, all of that changed!  We didn’t have any life altering medical issues or accidents (Thank God), but that job I thought had a lot of potential was pulled right out from under me.  Without any warning that it was coming!  

The next thing I knew, we were going to be short a couple of thousand dollars a month for our living expenses and not be able to afford the house we had purchased (right before that economic downfall we talked about before). 

I turned to the one thing I knew was working on the side, selling online!  

Cliff & Jessica August 2014 (36)I was able to turn that eBay hustle into an income replacement for myself…But that just wasn’t enough, once I had experienced the entrepreneur lifestyle!!!  

(And this story isn’t about eBay…So, let’s talk about what changed!)

I heard about people selling on Amazon, and talking about how they didn’t have to ship  all of their own orders…

Like I was doing on eBay.  

That was the one thing that was holding me back from being able to grow in that business.  If I wanted to make more, I had to sell more and to sell more I had to list more and the more that sold, the more I had to ship…and on and on it went.

I had to know what it was that was making the difference with Amazon!  I felt like I just had to have it for my business.

So I dug into everything I could find about Amazon FBA and how I could take my eBay skills and build something even better on Amazon.

You see, at that time, there were no courses teaching ‘retail arbitrage’ and there weren’t even scanning apps to put on our smartphones!  I did have an iPhone, so that was a leg up for sure.

Through a lot of trial and error, and late nights shipping packages full of sellable inventory to Amazon (after our new baby was asleep), I had a breakthrough!

I was able to not only replace the income I was making previously, but I was making enough to replace Cliff’s income as well…

We thought, if I could do this much on my own, then what would happen if we were building our Amazon business together?

So, Cliff quit his job in November of 2011 and our business exploded!  That first full year, we were able to net over $100,000 a year in PROFIT.  Talk about life changing.  We had more than doubled our income, and were working from HOME, part time!

The Family For BioPeople around us started asking questions about how we were able to both work from home, part time and live a nice lifestyle.

I started teaching people locally how to sell on Amazon. Then I started teaching my old eBay friends.  Eventually they were switching from eBay to Amazon and seeing the same success!

I knew that I had to get this information out to more people and couldn’t do it working one-on-one with people, so the Amazon Boot Camp was born.

What you are seeing now is the third full version of this Amazon FBA course.  I teach in the way that I like to learn.  Very step by step and easy to follow.  I created for you, what I wish I had when I got started more than 6 years ago.

Most importantly, my students see success!  Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all of the options and possible moves, I keep things simple and straightforward!

The Amazon Boot Camp saved Greg THOUSANDS in potential mistakes!

Greg Nall Testimonial For Amazon Boot Camp“A little over 2 years ago I was reading a blog post from the Penny Hoarder about selling on Amazon FBA and they spotlighted The Selling Family. It immediately intrigued me and I read as much of their free information as I could, then decided I wanted to give this a go. I jumped in and bought the Amazon Boot Camp and tried to absorb as much as I could. During that December I ended up with around $2800 in sales and was ecstatic… I remember my first payout was around $500 and was stunned at the potential this business model had.

At the time our kids were 1 and 4 and the daycare bills alone were killing us. My wife and I work full time… I’m an engineer and run a small manufacturing company and my wife is a high school chorus teacher so she is often working late with lots of extra curricular activities. So I would source on the way home from work and eventually we started taking some road trips on the weekends. It didn’t take long for me to realize just how much the Amazon Boot Camp helped me and how much money it saved me in the form of keeping me from making mistakes that I most assuredly would have made if I hadn’t had it. I’ve since spent quite a bit of money on various training information and coaching groups they offer and every single dollar has been worth it.

The support, information, genuine caring and the culture that they (Jessica & Cliff) have created with their Amazon Boot Camp and facebook community is amazing and as someone else recently posted, it’s offering people a real chance doing something that is life changing. It only hit me last night that my profits from Amazon this year are going to exceed my salary from my full time job. It’s good to know that if my job did go away, I’d be just fine.

Thank you so much Jessica and Cliff (and everyone else in the group)… I would have never even started on this road without you.

– Greg N.

Let’s See What You Get When You Join


After working with more than 3,500 new Amazon FBA sellers to start their Amazon FBA businesses, we have figured out exactly where the pain points are and included them in our Amazon FBA selling course.  Our modules are all very step-by-step and walk you through the entire process of starting your Amazon business.  We are currently on the third version (3.0) of this Amazon course and our original members still have full access!  Once you buy the Amazon Boot Camp, you never have to purchase it again.  You get immediate access to any updates as soon as they come out!


We know that we live in an on-the-go world. So we have created our videos to make sure they will play on (practically) any device at anytime. We use a paid hosting service that is constantly updating their systems to stay compatible with the latest devices. I record all of our trainings with high quality audio equipment so you can understand what is being taught at all times.  We even have Closed Captioning (CC) on our videos so that you can watch what I’m saying if you can’t play the audio or are hard of hearing.



I am a fan of having checklists in front of me as I’m moving through a course and the need to do steps in a specific order, so I’ve got some awesome printables for you!  All of the sections that outline important steps you need to take, come with easy-to-check-off steps.  


Our private Facebook community is filled with super-supportive Amazon FBA sellers at all levels who are excited and willing to offer you support. With thousands of members, you can come in and know that you will get a quick answer to your question. You will never be made to feel like you asked a bad question or should just “figure it out!” We’ve all been in THOSE types of groups, and this my friend, is not that.  Our group has amazing mentors who visit the group daily and there is rarely a question that goes unanswered.  This Amazon FBA community is by far one of the most raved about features of our course.

FULL ACCESS TO OUR BONUS SECTION (With The Purchase Of The Full Course Option)

Not only does our course give you everything you need to start your new Amazon FBA business, we also have an amazing bonus area for you!  We’ve got awesome guides from people in our community, bonus videos and special offers…(Get all the 411 in the bonus section down further)


The Amazon Boot Camp has been tried and tested by more than 3,500 happy students (turned Amazon FBA sellers)!  We know that buying online courses can feel risky and you just never know if the quality is going to match what was presented.  Sometimes a flashy sales page is the bulk of what you paid for.  We believe that we are different here at The Selling Family and want you to know that we fully back up our product.  If for any reason you are not happy with our course, just let us know and we will make it right!  You have a full 60 days to go through the course and make sure that it is a good fit for you.  If you choose not to move forward, we can stay friends too! No hard feelings at all (well, unless you call me names or something).  We would appreciate it if you can let us know what was missing in the course if you ask for a refund.  But, that’s not required.

Here’s What We Cover Each Step Of The Way


Before you head out and start buying products to resell on Amazon, we need to get really clear about what the Amazon FBA business is actually going to cost you.  Unlike other online businesses, we do have upfront expenses, and without inventory…We’ve got nothing to sell and no way to make money on Amazon.  So, I break down all of the start-up expenses plus the additional expenses that you’ll incur moving forward in your new Amazon business.

We will cover your business start-up costs, legal fees, inventory costs, tools you need to run your business and most importantly the actual fees incurred by Amazon!


After we have explained all of your expenses, we will get into the process of actually setting up your new Amazon FBA business!  I’ll share with you what you need to do BEFORE you set up your account on Amazon and start buying inventory…

Then we will go through the process of setting up your actual seller account.  There won’t be any surprises as you maneuver through the process.

After your account is set up, I will show you some important areas of your Amazon Seller Dashboard, help you change some important settings (that wreak havoc on sellers who don’t know to make these changes) and then we will get to the fun part of setting up and using your Amazon Seller Scanning App!  This will be your best friend when you source products to resell on Amazon.



When Amazon sellers don’t understand how they actually “get” sales and what makes a product a good buy, they are set up for failure!  I make sure that you have a full understanding of the two things that every Amazon seller needs to know inside and out, before making a single purchase or sending in even one item to Amazon FBA.


Buying inventory is more than just finding something in a local store that is selling for more on Amazon.  A buy cost of $10 and a selling price of $20 is NOT $10 in profit!  In this section, we cover all of the things that go into knowing how to tell that a piece of inventory is worth the time and effort it takes to sell it.

I will help you set up buying goals and guidelines, so that you don’t have to second-guess anything in the store!  

Plus, I’ll walk you through how to know exactly what types of products you are able to sell on Amazon and how quickly they will sell.  This will save you tons of time scanning in the stores. 

Finding Products To Resell Using The Retail Arbitrage Method

Now that you have all of the business set-up and structure out of the way, we can get to the fun and profitable part!  The method that I teach in the Amazon Boot Camp is called ‘Retail Arbitrage.’  You will be sourcing (buying inventory) from local stores to resell on Amazon.  There are different types of stores that we use to find products we can resell, and I have a video for each type.

Finding inventory is one of the hardest parts of this business, but I’ll help you get going and soon you will barely remember the days of “scanning everything.”


So, now that sourcing has gone so well and you have a bunch of profitable products taking up space in your living room / dining room, it’s time to get it out the door and sent into Amazon!  I don’t want to be part of turning anyone into a hoarder 🙂  I know the part of an Amazon business that is the most fun is the shopping (that’s why my husband and I make such a good team!  I like to shop, he packs like a Tetris master).

We won’t make money until the products are listed for sale on Amazon and are at their warehouses so that they can do the fulfilling!

In this section, I will walk you through the entire process of listing your products on Amazon, to use the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program, label and prep them, and get them out the door.

Because you were paying attention to the most important things every seller needs to know about picking the right products, you will have sales in NO TIME flat!  Many of our students tell us that they have products selling the very first day their shipments arrive at the Amazon warehouses.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Section

Now that we’ve taken you from point A of starting your Amazon business from scratch, to point B of listing and selling your new inventory on Amazon, this is the section where we can cover the other things that “pop up” from time to time!

The FAQ section is comprised of the questions we get asked the most often in our members only community, and we have the answers here for easy access when they come up in your business as well.

There are things like what to do if a buyer contacts you directly?…what happens if an item is missing from your shipment?…can you list a product as new, even if it has a dented box?…and more!

Selling on Amazon gave Eliza more time and money for her kids!

Jessica’s Amazon Boot Camp was the answer to my prayers. As a stay-at-home mom of two young kids, I was searching for a way to earn income while still being the primary caretaker of my boys. Jessica’s Boot Camp provided the means, but more importantly Jessica’s example as an entrepreneur showed me that I was not limited to working for somebody else. I am now loving my new Amazon business, making money, and STILL taking care of my kids. Thank you, Jessica!!

- Eliza David

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 Now For The Bonuses

Welcome To The Amazon Boot Camp Bonus Section

This is where I get to bring you all of those EXTRA goodies that will help you even more in your Amazon business!

In the main Amazon course modules we get you solid and grounded. Now we get to give you the extras just for our members.

Members Only Exclusive Discount Coupon Code For RevSeller

RevSeller is one of my FAVORITE tools for Amazon FBA sellers and they have agreed to give our members a special coupon code to get a sweet discount on their first year of service (for new users only).  This tool does on page calculations for profit margins on Amazon and you can one click to see if you are approved to sell the specific item.


Jordan from Cleer Platinum has created a video showing us how this tool can help us find profitable products online that can be resold on  Using this method you can find products on line and have them shipped right to your door!


We’ve called upon the experts over at TaxJar to lead us in the right direction when it comes to understanding sales tax. They have created an excellent guide just for our members that will walk you through getting set up properly to collect and submit sales tax for your new business.


Along with setting up your sales tax, you can take advantage of buying inventory tax-free! Debra Conrad from Thrifting For Profit has given us this guide to our members FOR FREE. (normally $24.95) She will show you how you can use your tax-exempt certificate to save almost 10% right off the top of your purchase price!


UPS allows us to get free labels that for our inbound shipments.  In this video I will walk you through the process of setting up your free account and then ordering labels that will be delivered to your door the next morning!


Let’s talk about one of those things that NO ONE wants to talk about! MONEY. Well, I guess we all like to talk about having and making money. But, most people don’t like to take a deep look and make sure they are profitable in their businesses. I sat down with the CPA’s from The Bottom Line Accounting and asked the questions that we all need to know about running a profitable (and legal) business. We talk about keeping your paperwork in order for the tax man. And we even go over the common missed tax deductions for Amazon business owners.

Tilata FINALLY saw results from an Online Course!

Tillata GibsonI’ve invested in several online programs and The Amazon Boot Camp is the first and only course where I saw proven results in my first 30 days. Jessica’s videos are step-by-step tutorials that are very easy to follow. If you are looking to get started selling on Amazon or need FBA advice to help build a solid Amazon business, I highly recommend the Amazon Boot Camp Program.

-Tillata Gibson

Still Have Some Questions About If The Amazon Boot Camp Is For You?

Money is pretty tight and your course isn’t exactly cheap. Is it worth it?

To that I have to ask, cheap compared to what?  If someone had told me WAY BACK IN THE DAY when I started my Amazon business that if I handed them 350 bucks they would take away the learning curve and HOURS I spent researching on my own, I would have gladly handed it over.  Because I know that the end result means having a solid foundation and a built-in support system!  If you are scraping together the money for the course and won’t have money left over to buy inventory, I would suggest waiting to purchase the course until you have money left for inventory as well.

How fast can I replace my income?

Whoa!  You are ready to rock and roll I see 🙂  Congrats!  The big question here is how much money do you have to invest in this business?  This is definitely an “it takes money to make money” situation.  I can give you the steps to take, but you have to be able to buy the inventory.  You should be able to see consistent profit within about 3 months time, and in an amount of around what you started with as an initial investment.  Example, you have $3,000 to invest…In 3 months, you should be seeing $3,000 a month in sales.

Is selling on Amazon still a viable business?

Oh boy, is it!  New sellers are coming into our community every day and after just a few weeks they’re sharing with us how they are having sales and actually making money.  For many of them, this comes after many failed attempts at other online businesses!

I live in another country, can you help me sell on Amazon?

Although selling on Amazon IS possible in other countries, our course specifically teaches United States based sellers the business model.

I don't like to shop, so I want to create my own products, can you help?

Great question!  What we teach in the Amazon Boot Camp is ‘retail arbitrage,’ which means you buy products from local sources and send them to Amazon.  We do not teach private label (creating your own products).

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  • Instant Access To The Selling Family Members Only Community
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  • Lifetime Access To All Materials
  • Low Monthly Payment Plan Available
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