Amazon FBA Seller Tools Reviewed - Low Noise Tape Gun

From time to time we come across tools that help us in our FBA business. We find that investing in the right tools can help us save a lot of time, money, or both! And sometimes convenience is worth paying for.

There's one tool that we've been using for years that really improved the quality of our home-based shipping workspace. We wanted to share our review of the Scotch Low Noise Tape Dispenser H150

Stick around to the end of this blog post to see a video of Cliff using the tape gun.

Didn't know that a tape dispenser could be a game changer?

When we started our business, we were using a standard 3″ tape dispenser. But we started running into problems right away.

It usually went a little something like this….

It's 8:30pm in my household and we just got our 3-year-old boy to sleep. After doing some cleanup around the house I am FINALLY ready and able to work on my FBA shipment without interruptions from my son. I label my products in Inventory Lab and I am ready to start separating the products into the warehouse specific boxes.

I grab my shipping boxes and my tape gun and get ready to work. Just as I reach to tape up the bottom of the box, I remember that the noise from the tape gun will probably wake up my son in the other room.

Those of us that are parents understand the ramifications and consequences of an upset toddler woken up from a deep sleep :). This is something that we try to avoid in my house at all costs!

So I proceed to take my boxes and tape gun outside or in the garage (as far away as possible!) and tape up my boxes in the cold just so I don't disturb my son.

Scotch Low Noise Tape Gun

We needed a solution to our “sleeping baby” problem! When we came across the Scotch Low Noise tape gun, we were skeptical about how much quieter it could actually be than the normal tape guns that we used. We received the low noise tape gun a few days later and I instantly put it to the test.

I was IMPRESSED. It really did reduce the loud noise of the tape coming off the roll. I should stress right away that the tape gun is reduced noise not noiseless. It's overall quieter.

With the reduced noise, it allows me to use the tape gun in our house at any hour day or night and not disturb anyone. It also allows me to stay inside where it's warm to build my boxes. Plus, it was a huge waste of time to drag the boxes outside and then have to take them back inside. As our business grew, I just didn't have time to spend on things like that!

Maybe you can relate as a parent to that story or made the mistake, like I have, of waking up your kid because your tape gun is loud. I know some people have sensitive hearing or have older parents or grandparents living with them. Maybe your spouse or kid is watching TV and is frustrated because of your constant loud taping from the other room :).

FBA problems, am I right?

If your FBA business is run out of your home and sometimes your work hours are late at night, this tape gun could be a nice addition to your FBA tool arsenal.

Below is a video to help you see the actual comparison of the low noise tape gun compared to your standard tape gun. I hope this helps you see and hear the difference between the two styles.

If you would like to buy this low noise tape gun, you can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

This video was brought to you by Cliff! He's my go-to video guy (and, you know, my husband) 🙂 So thanks Cliff for taking the time to record this demo! You can see more of his videos over on The Selling Family YouTube channel.

Let us know if there are any other tools you'd like to see reviewed in video format. You can share in the comments below.