self sealing bags bubblefastOne of the most used products for our business are Self Sealing Poly Bags.  In this previous post about bundling, you can see all of the methods that we can use for packaging multipacks or bundles.  The one that we choose most often is to bag the items in these self sealing poly bags.  

The main reason that we prefer the self sealing bags over using the impulse sealer is just the time and space the impulse sealer takes.  We can very quickly close up the bags and be moving on to the next item.  We fold the bag down to the size of the item and are done.  Now, I’m not talking about a huge time saver.  It really is a matter of seconds difference.  But, when we are doing 100 bundles it just feels easier 🙂

We are ordering these from Uline 1,000 at a time (the smallest quantity they offer) and paying a big chunk of change to get them shipped to us as well.  A typical order would run $329.74 if only ordering bags.  Shipping and Handling & sales tax  was $63 of that order ($0.02/bag).  If you want just an average cost per bag, which is what I do, the total cost per bag is $0.11/bag.  Or by size this was my cost:  14×20 = $0.15, 11×14 = $0.10 & 8×10 = $.07

I hesitate to give the breakdown per size, because if I only order one set, the cost goes up because the shipping charge is spread out between less bags.  

When I talk about Uline, the problem is, most of you do not NEED 1,000 bags!  How long would it take you to go through them?  We run through our 3,000 bag order in about 3.5 months.  So, it makes it hard to recommend someone just getting started to order from there like we do.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Now, Bubblefast (use coupon code JL5 for 5% off) is carrying these bags as well.  I have compared them to the ones I was buying from uline and they are virtually the same bag, except the way that suffocation warning is displayed.  I really like Bubblefast as a company because they are ran by a husband/wife team that are also Amazon FBA Sellers.  This means they know the rules and they really know the needs of sellers!  They carry 4 sizes of the bags and offer a variety bundle to get you started out.  The sizes they offer are:  6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 11×14 & now even 14×20.  You can test 100 bags (25 of ea 4 sizes) for $37.95 and see which ones meet your needs the best.  Or, if you are like me and prefer a slightly bigger order, to bring the per bag cost down, you can get the 400 bag bundle (100 of ea 4 sizes) for $51.95.  Depending on which set you choose, your per bag cost is $0.37/ea (100 pack) or $0.12/ea (400 pack).  When you order the 400 pack, your cost is almost the same as my cost when I have to order 3,000 total.  

One of the differences between Uline and Bubblefast is that Bubblefast’s largest bag is an 11×14.  We went 2 years in business before purchasing the largest bag we have (14×20) and it is our least used bag.  If you find you need that size bag, let me know and I can get some for you in 100 packs (from our stock).  I am not wanting to be in the bag business, but will do what I can to help out my fellow sellers!  I was previously offering a 300 bag bundle that I would ship myself.  So, I am personally grateful that Bubblefast is now selling them!  Trust me, they will get them out faster than I do, and the cost is better for you.  If you are like me and want to order everything on Amazon (because my account is set up, my CC is saved and shipping is in) Bubblefast has an Amazon storefront as well.  Edit:  This is no longer true, they carry larger bags now.

Lastly, I would like to give some prices on zip lock bags.  A lot of sellers start out with ziplocks as a “cheap alternative”.  A 40 count one gallon size bag (10.5 x9) costs $4.38 from Wal-Mart.  $0.11/ea bag.  With a ziplock, you have to tape it down to size if it doesn’t fit the item perfectly.  You also need to add a suffocation warning sticker.  I would rather spend just a bit more per bag and have it look more professional to the customer who is receiving the product.  I think when people see an item arrive in a ziplock bag it makes them think of a home based business.  Not that a home based business is bad (We are totally out of our home) you just want the customer to see you as a professional.

I hope it helps to see some of the options compared “side by side”.  The biggest factor is really going to be what your business model is.  If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment below or send me an email.


*Some of the links above are affiliate links, I only link to items that I personally use and recommend.
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