Discover The Easiest Bookkeeping System For Amazon FBA Sellers

In typical ‘The Selling Family' fashion, we created a program

where we show behind the scenes inside our bookkeeping system, and we hold nothing back.



“While Most Amazon FBA Sellers Were Sweating Bullets Over Taxes,

We Were Binge-Watching Scandal!” - Jessica & Cliff Larrew

FIRST, Why You Need To Be Using This Bookkeeping System…

Save Time

When you set your bookkeeping system up the way I show you, you will only have a handful of transactions to deal with every month.  This will save you hours of time you could be wasting filling in data to spreadsheets!  Your Amazon information will be automatically imported into the system as well as any expense accounts you have.

Make More Money

Many small business owners keep pushing forward without ever stopping to make sure they are actually MAKING MONEY!  This is very easy for Amazon sellers to do because you are constantly purchasing inventory.  But, it is very important to take a deep look and make sure that  you are bringing in more than you are spending every month.  What is a business if there is no profits?

Less Stress

You will be prepared for tax time.  When you are updating your books every month, you are able to print out a few simple reports (and your Schedule C), give them to your CPA and be good to go.  Other than actually having to write that tax check that is 🙂  No more wading through piles and piles of receipts to see how to lower your tax bill.  You will have it all ready to go!

 Why I Only Use And Recommend

The Very Affordable GoDaddy Bookkeeping System


Let us show you how WE use this secret weapon.

For the last 4 years we have been using the GoDaddy Bookkeeping System to keep all of our business books in order.  You may have heard of GoDaddy and never even knew that they had Bookkeeping software!  A couple years ago they bought out a company called Outright, which was one of the first companies to ever create a bookkeeping platform that integrated with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more!

We've always told everyone that we use this system for Bookkeeping, but we get tons of emails and questions asking us exactly how we set it up and use it, as an Amazon FBA seller!  So, we decided to put together this training so that you could see step-by-step how this system can give you hours of your life back every month, help ensure you claim all available deductions and save you major headaches come tax time.

In this training, we will walk you step by step through the process of using this bookkeeping system so that you will not only be ready for tax time this year, but you will know for sure that your business is profitable and where all that money actually goes every month!

Sure, this may take an hour to set up initially but after a few months you will be wondering how you ever ran your business  without it.

Why Stay Overwhelmed When It's So Easy To Be Organized?

Tired woman with documents on her office

Some of you have been spending hours and hours a month manually entering your Amazon transactions into spreadsheets and keeping boxes full of receipts to have ready for taxes. It’s time to put the value of your time first! With GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you will spend less than $10 a month and have quick access to your books wherever you have internet access or even from your phone!

We know that you may think that bookkeeping isn’t fun, or that it isn’t going to make you money, so why bother? The truth is, knowing where your money is going, actually can SAVE you money in the long run. We’ve seen sellers going backwards month after month and having no idea until they got their numbers “down on paper”. Other sellers were spending crazy amounts of money on memberships they weren’t even using, but had no idea because they weren’t looking at all of those automatic payments.

Real businesses make real profits.  It’s time to take your business seriously and dig into the important, stuff!

 What's Included In This Training


55 Minutes Of Video Tutorials

  • 15 Bite Sized Videos To Walk You Step-By-Step Through Each Process

3 Downloadable / Printable PDFs

  • Chart Of Accounts sheet with income and expense categories, what goes in them and the tax category
  • Mileage Log from Amazon FBA sellers you can use to keep track in the car, before adding to GoDaddy
  • Extra Expenses sheet to keep track of common expenses you should track throughout the year (think home office expenses, health insurance, cell phones, etc)

chart of accounts for amazon fba sellers

mileage log for amazon fba sellers

common expenses to track for amazon fba sellers

 What This Training Will Cover…


Account Set Up

We will walk you through the process of setting up your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account.  From signing up for the service, to connecting your Amazon Seller Account and all of your expense accounts.  You are able to connect multiple businesses to this one software if you choose to, we will show you everything for the Amazon business.


Manually Importing The History

One of the areas people get tripped up on when connecting to a bookkeeping system is that not all data will be imported automatically.  We will show you how to manually import your expense account data as well as activate your Amazon data to go back to further dates.  You will easily be able to have all of your data year to date available.


Our Easy To Use Chart Of Accounts

One of the most important aspects of setting up your bookkeeping service is your chart of accounts.  These are all the accounts that you will use to categorize your incomes and expenses.  Too bad you can't just lump all income into one and all expenses into another!  For tax purposes, you need to have these separated out so they can be allocated to the correct lines on your taxes.


Categorizing Your Transactions

We will show you how to categorize your transactions either manually one by one, by bulk edit and to set up transaction categorization automation!  You will be able to breeze through hundreds of transactions quickly and easily.  Once you have automation set up, your recurring expenses and common vendors will be updated automatically.  Leaving you just a handful of transactions to handle monthly.


Important Reports And How To Ready Them

We will take you through the most used reports that will show you how your business is doing via a profit and loss report, vendor specific reports, category specific reports and more.  Seeing all of your expenses laid out month by month, you will easily be able to spot areas where you are spending too much money and need to cut back.


Tax Documentation

Whether you plan to do your own taxes, or hire a CPA, you will have all of the needed numbers available quick and easy.  We show you how to access your tax reports so when the time comes, you are good to go!


And MORE!!!


 I'm Ready To Learn GoDaddy Bookkeeping NOW!


In classic Jessica Larrew style, her GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial is a comprehensive walk through of the entire set-up and use aspects of the bookkeeping system. The timing of this lesson couldn't be more perfect as I am currently deciding for myself which bookkeeping system I am going to use for my growing FBA business. With her high quality training videos, Jessica has eased my fears of the dreaded accounting side of running my own business. I especially like the module on using GoDaddy's reports to deep-dive into the analysis of your Profit and Loss. I can see how beneficial it will be to examine my expenses to make informed decisions on where I can cut out extra costs. Hey, who doesn't like saving money, right? Jessica, you continue to amaze me with your ability to teach the specifics of running an FBA business in a style that I can easily understand. Thank you!

Dawn Smith

I recently had the opportunity to review The Selling Family’s GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial. It was perfect timing for me, as I want to set up a bookkeeping system before my fledgling business grows any larger. Jessica’s video tutorials are always packed with information that she presents very clearly, and the GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial is no exception. Jessica’s concise instruction is presented in short segments that are organized very logically. Bookkeeping is an area that I know NOTHING about, and quite honestly, has intimidated me. The Selling Family’s GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial has eased my fears and I am actually excited about setting up my account. I have no doubt that I will refer back to the Tutorial video segments frequently as I continue on this journey to success with FBA selling. I have so much to learn, and the Selling Family’s Bookkeeping Tutorial has boosted my knowledge significantly.

Leslie Smith

First things first, what a relief! The training was awesome as is Godaddy. I went with the monthly because Im still new, but I can see where paying yearly saves money. The training was spot on and easy to follow, I like how you broke it up into different videos. The training videos are a godsend, I would be lost without them, I appreciate every little detail you touched on.

Steve Juanes

I've been doing FBA for almost a year now, and I am finally getting my books in order. This training was awesome and very well organized. The step by step instructions allowed me the opportunity to setup my account simultaneously as I walked through the training. By the end of taking this course I was fully up and running with my new Go Daddy account. Thank you so much Cliff and Jessica for you help. I am actually looking forward to tax time next year, since I am sure it will be a lot easier than the previous year.

Cynthia Lewis

This training is very clear and concise on the information I needed to set up my Go Daddy bookkeeping account. Especially useful is the chart of accounts information so that I know exactly what income and expenses I needed to set up. It was a breeze to set up my account and link my Amazon and bank account. The area on automatically assigning your transactions is a real time saver. As my business continues to grow this is the training I needed to make sure I'm doing my bookkepping the right way and I have access to the reports I need to see how my business is really doing. By following what I learned in this training I will definitely be ready when tax time rolls around!

Brian Chandler

This training taught me everything I need to know to start properly tracking my income and expenses, and how GoDaddy and Amazon integrate together to make our lives easier. Bookkeeping is an intimidating subject for me, but after going through the course, I feel much more confident about how to manage my finances going forward.

I really appreciated that the videos were broken down into very small, digestible “chunks” which focused on individual topics. This allows each point to be focused on directly, while not droning on for too long and losing our attention. Every video was an easy action item, which makes the entire process less scary.

I highly recommend this course to FBA sellers interested in using GoDaddy for their bookkeeping!

David Michael

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use Inventory Lab, do I still need GoDaddy?

Congratulations on using Inventory Lab!  We LOVE that system, for product management and making sure our individual items are profitable.  However, we use GoDaddy in conjunction with Inventory Lab so that we can have all of our tax documents ready to go since we use the cash method of accounting, and Inventory is based on the accrual method. (OMG tax talk sucks!)

So, are you a CPA now? Why are you giving tax advice?

Great Question!  I am NOT a CPA, I don't claim to be one and I definitely don't play one on the internet.  What this training will do is show you how we personally have our bookkeeping set up in the GoDaddy system.  I encourage you to consult with your own CPA with anything regarding your taxes and to make sure that you have everything that they would require to file your taxes.  After doing our own taxes for years, people wanted to know how we managed to have all the needed documents in order and ready to go every year.  This year after deciding to hand the tax process over to a CPA, we were able to give her everything she needed and it was a breeze!  Our goal is to help you experience some of that freedom as well 🙂


Does this training come with a subscription to GoDaddy?

You will need to purchase your own subscription to Go Daddy Bookkeeping in order to use this training.  What we are doing is walking you through the set up process and showing you how we have our chart of accounts set up and the process we use to track all the transactions we have.



Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

We think the concept behind this training is pretty self explanatory, we will show you our system used for bookkeeping.  But, if for some reason you decide it was worthless, we will give you your money back within 30 days of your purchase.

Who's Behind The GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorials?

Jessica Larrew

Jessica Larrew


I am the creator of the Go Daddy Bookkeeping Training Course.  I decided to create this course after getting so many emails from Amazon FBA sellers who were completely stressed out over their taxes and keeping track of their business finances!

More about me…

I started selling on Amazon after getting laid off from my job and was able to replace my income, and then my husbands income as well.  He left his corporate job to sell on Amazon with me.  Our first full year we had almost $300,000 in sales and profited over $100,000.  We have built our business in a way that we are able to work VERY part time while still bringing in a full time income.

My goal is for others to experience the same financial freedom that we have found, by having our Amazon business.  I would love to partner up with you and get you into business for yourself!