Amazon FBA Seller 4th Quarter Profits Training Guide

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Are You Ready For The Most Profitable Season Amazon Sellers Experience?

The time between Halloween and Christmas Eve is incredibly busy for us… and incredibly profitable. Selling on Amazon during the 4th Quarter is a whole different ball game than the rest of the year. If it is planned correctly, sellers can make up half of their yearly income in a month or two! That’s what we do! We work very hard in November and December and take it “easy” the rest of the year because we have the income saved from Q4. If you’re ready to take home your share of the profit pie and learn how to take advantage of the Online Christmas Shopping Frenzy then this guide is for you. We’ll keep this short and sweet and let you get right to work. If you’ve been at a mall or seen the UPS packages delivered to your neighbors’ houses in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you know there’s a whole lot of shopping going on during the 4th Quarter.

 Ready To Dive In And Grab Q4 By The Horns?

Barbara G Q4 Testimonial

In this guide, I share with you what we’re doing to research, prepare, buy and sell during this time of the year. AND we have plenty of examples for you on what we have sold in the past and why it has worked so well. We’re sharing the EXACT things we do each year during Q4. Things like:

  • how we do our research
  • what we do to prepare before we ever hit a store
  • what we look for
  • what we buy when
  • how we list inventory
  • how we keep track of what’s working well (so we can rinse and repeat)

That’s right! We’re sharing our entire 4th Quarter strategy with you, right down to the little things we change at home to make sure things are running smoothly and we still have time to enjoy the Holiday Season.


Here are just a few things I really love about Selling on Amazon during the 4th Quarter

  • We make a big chunk of our income during this time of year, allowing us to “take it easy” the rest
  • The Game changes in a big way – it never gets boring during November and December 
  • I get to head out and shop for toys, gift sets and all sorts of other fun stuff
  • Things are flying off the shelves in our Amazon Store
  • We usually get to “beat Amazon” at their own game when they sell out of popular stuff. I know it’s silly, but it feels great to be able to jump in and fill the demand (not to mention that its VERY profitable).

If you’re up for bit of a challenge and a chance to make plenty of Christmas money and then some, this is what you need.

New For 2016 Training Materials To Get You Finding Profitable Items Right Away

If this is your first or second year selling on Amazon for 4th quarter, you probably have a ton of things going through your head right now! Our training materials will help ease your mind and get you prepared to tackle this 4th quarter with ease. This truly is an amazing time to be selling on Amazon and we easily make up 1/2 of our yearly income in just these 2 month where we are really selling heavily. The strategies that we use during Q4 are different than the rest of the year. We are here to help you with straight up retail arbitrage in big box stores! Some gurus are telling you that if you haven’t started yet, then you have missed the boat. That’s not the case with the techniques that we teach. We spend October preparing and don't start shopping until November! Don’t be fooled into thinking you should have $1,000’s of dollars worth of inventory at Amazon already. You will have access to multiple training videos that will take you through our strategies and mindset of being successful during the holidays on Amazon. The videos are created during this season so they will share current techniques and products that are out right now. We cover things like when and where you should be spending your time, supplies you should be stocked up on, how to use online ads to prepare BEFORE heading to the store to buy, preparing for black Friday and MORE.

Everything You Need To Get Up And Running For Q4

Sign up right now and you’ll be ready to sit down, read through the guide and get your strategy set for this Holiday Selling Season

This guide is set up in an easy to follow format. We’ll walk you through our planning stages, share how and where we shop for inventory, give you some examples of what’s worked well in the past and how we track and tweak throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas for maximum profits. One of the best ways to learn is through an apprenticeship. While it isn’t practical for me to have you over at our house, or out shopping with us, this is the next best thing. We’ll talk you through everything we will be doing in the coming weeks and point out the main pitfalls we’ve come across in our 5 seasons of Q4 Selling.


Debra B Q4 Testimonial

Thank you for everything Jessica. As a new Amazon seller who had not yet sent an order to Amazon, I wondered if I was ready for this Q4 class, and almost decided not to participate. I am so glad I changed my mind. You are both wonderful teachers and the class surpassed my expectations. I was able to jump and I surprised my husband as he watched how much money I was able to make. Thanks to both of you, I learned enough, and felt confident enough in the business, to quit my job in order to pursue FBA full time. I have purchased all of Jessica and Cliff’s classes. I also loved reading about others amazing success and profits. I am so happy to be part of such a positive group. – Debra B

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What We’ll Be Covering in This Guide

We’ve purposely kept the guide to the point with no fluff. Don’t let that fool you though. There are 80+ pages packed with everything we’ve learned over the past few years, when it comes to selling for the Holiday Season. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Our Top Selling Categories for Q4.
  • Ranking Guidelines and Sales Volume in our most popular categories.
  • Categories To Source Outside Of Toys
  • Buying Inventory That Will (Hopefully) Go Up in Price.
  • Competing Against Amazon As A Seller.
  • Considering Merchant Fulfilling Items.
  • Keeping Up With “Regular Items”.
  • Stores You Never Shop Will Now Be On Your List.
  • Using Weekly Ads for Research.
  • Taking Advantage of Store Rewards for Bigger Profits.
  • Setting Realistic Expectations.
  • Making the Most of Black Friday (Both as a Buyer and a Seller).
  • Dealing with the new “Frustration Free Packaging”.
  • Bundling products for Extra Profits.
  • Using Hot Toy Lists For “Sideways” Research.
  • Setting Up A Sourcing Buy List.
  • ROI Goals during Q4.
  • Doing The Math – How Much Can You Make?
  • Finding Popular Items in Stores and What to Do When Stores Go Out of Stock.
  • Preparing Your Personal Life For Q4

See… We were’t kidding when we said we had you covered when it comes to buying, selling and profiting during Q4!

Also Included

Awesome Video Walk-Throughs!

We have included some screen capture videos to show you over the shoulder exactly what we are doing when we are researching products to sell during the fourth quarter.
Here are some of the videos included:
  • Scanning Weekly Ads To Find Clues On Profitable Products To Sell
  • Researching Product Lines Online To Spot The Winners
  • Creating Buy Lists Using The Main Hot Toy Lists
  • Black Friday Preparation
  • Bonus: Bundle Training Webinar With Debra and Jessica
  • Bonus: Merchant Fulfilling Made Easy Videos

Here’s What You Should Do Now

We’ve given you a pretty good idea of what we’ll be covering in the Q4 Profits Guide. Now is the perfect time to step up your game and get serious about selling on Amazon this Holiday Season. No, it isn’t too late to get started. We do our research in October and get serious about buying and selling in November then go strong right up until a week before Christmas. As soon as your payment goes through, you’ll have access the complete guide and training videos. The guide is delivered as a pdf. Read it on your computer, download it to your tablet or print it out and read. You can even download a copy to your smart phone and refer to it as you’re out and about shopping if needed. Take a few minutes and start reading through the first few chapters of the report. I promise I won’t be wasting your time with a lot of fluff. You can get through the entire report in a few hours. Don’t let that fool you though. There’s a lot of information packed into each page and you’ll be coming back to this season after season. Go click that buy button right now. I look forward to seeing you on the other side and sharing what we’ve learned in our 5 years of Holiday Selling on Amazon.

Make this your most profitable Holiday Selling season and get ready to spoil your loved ones with gifts. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll be able to get started quickly that we give a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Many thanks!  You both are remarkable teachers and I truly appreciate your sound guidance. I thought the research provided in the spreadsheets each week was especially useful as I created and tracked my individual sourcing plan. Also, I learned a lot about timing purchases and pricing/repricing during Q4. I’m so grateful for everyone’s sharing of ideas and encouragement – you all helped me exceed my Q4 goals and set a new course for 2015! Wishing everyone great success in the New Year! – Cynthia O

Will This Training ONLY Cover Toys?
We do focus heavily on selling toys.  But this is not the ONLY thing that is profitable.  We will talk about other categories as well, but we ask that you have an open mind towards toys 🙂  If you absolutely don't want to sell toys, this may not be the course for you.
Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes of course.  If you feel that our guide or coaching was not up to par, you can send a support ticket within 30 days and we will refund your money.  No questions asked or hard feelings.
Is This Training Suitable For International Sellers?
Thank you for your interest in working with us!  At this time, our coaching is only tailored to US based sellers.  We focus a lot on sourcing in stores, and we don't know anything about selling international personally.
Will You Tell Us Exactly What To Buy?
If you know our style here at The Selling Family you will know that we go by the motto of teaching you how to fish, rather than just giving you the plate of food.  During this session though we will walk right along with you finding profitable items and sharing our findings with you.  Not to say “Buy This” but to say “Check This Out, What Do You Think?”
I don't have kids, how will I know what toys to buy?
Hey, I didn't have kids the first time I sold during Q4 either, so I know what you mean!  The good news is that we are going to help you get prepared and be able to spot the trends and know exactly where to look for the good profitable items.