Amazon has been adding restrictions to many subcategories and they often times catch sellers off guard!  All of a sudden they can no longer sell in a category that once was completely open to them.

For some sellers, getting approved in these subcategories is as easy as requesting approval through seller central and getting an “instant” approval.  

We have a list of ASINs that others have reported as working for instant approval. 

This list has been shared across many different groups, so I'm not sure where to give credit, I didn't compile the list myself.  It was shared in our private Amazon Boot Camp group and an email subscriber also sent it to me.  

Want To Get Instantly Approved In Some Sub Categories?

Head to your Amazon Seller Central account and click on the inventory tab.  Then click Add a Product from the drop-down menu.

Next, copy and paste the ASIN below for the category you would like to get approval in.  Then click search.

You will see a prompt to “Request Approval” for the category, after clicking that button one of two things will happen.  

  1. You will get instant approval and be allowed to list the product – this approves the category as a whole for you.
  2. You will see a request to provide an invoice for the product – this means the category was NOT instantly approved for you.

Some Amazon sellers report some of the ASINs working in their account while other ASINs to do not gain approval.  This is not the same from seller to seller so we recommend just trying any of the categories that you are interested in.

List Of ASINs To Use For Instant Approval On Amazon

B004L5JCZ4 – Baby Topicals
B01IKQGNEC – Supplements
B0013OXDBU – Sports Nutrition
B06Y2M2ZSB – Feminine Hygiene
B014JV44UC – Strollers
B016KPM1AA – Topical
B007GE75HY – Toy Building Blocks
B01LX35H81 – Learning Toys
B0002M9LP6 – Kid and Baby Furniture
B01IZLRWH4 – Baby Feeding
B005S1CHKC – Mobility Devices
B008CZZV6I – OTC medication
B008Z9YZY0 – Contraceptive Products
B01AFP170G – Lighting
B00F5D6HLS – Audio Visual
B01CYQENM8 – Computer Components
B0082C00P8 – Pet Food
B00EUV2BSE – Baby Activity Gear
B00368CLXW – Car Seats
B002WJHDTS – Medical Supplies and Equipment
B00DDMJ2NI – Pampers & Baby Diapering
B001Q3KU9Q – Infant toys
B000BNC9DM – Outdoor sports & Toys
If you would like to add additional categories or ASINS please feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will update the list to reflect them.
*Remember that there may still be restricted brands within the subcategory so always check with the Amazon seller app prior to making any purchases!
Hope this helps you in your Amazon business 🙂