Discover The Often Missed Opportunity That Is The Back To School Selling Season

In typical ‘The Selling Family' fashion, we created a guide

where we show you exactly how to cash in on Back To School supplies


“While Most Amazon FBA Sellers Are Complaining About ‘Summer Slowdown' We Are Quietly Cashing In!”

- Jessica & Cliff Larrew

Why Miss This Opportunity When It's So Profitable?

Back To School Planning
Some of you have been dreading the ‘Summer Slowdown' and telling yourself that there is nothing you can do about it!  Well we have good news.  With our help you can make some major profits in the Back To School season that is getting ready to heat up right now. The Back To School season is considered a major holiday by the big retail stores.  Let's take a note from them and realize there is huge potential scattered among the backpacks and notebooks. The average family spends over $1,500 per student to get them ready to go back to school!  This year, parents will be looking to online stores to save them time and help them find those hard to find, must have items. Whether you have kids or not, we can help you to be prepared and know exactly what products will fly off of your virtual shelves.
“Wow!” I am a newer seller on Amazon, and this product really opened my eyes to the opportunities available during the Back to School season. As I read the book, I kept calling my husband over and saying “Listen to this!” Jessica provides a thorough, in-depth explanation of trend-spotting, sourcing, and pricing in this niche. Best of all, much of the information can be applied to other niches as well. There is so much information jam-packed into this book, I plan to re-read it several times as I get out there sourcing and train myself in this niche. Leslie Smith

Don't Let The Back To School Season Pass You By!

  Have you heard about all of the success that Amazon sellers have been having with selling Back To School supplies?  If you are like many others who have not ventured into this area it may all seem very overwhelming to you!  You have probably walked into Walmart and seen it transform from a store that has 1 isle of “office supplies” to a full section of the store over run with notebooks/backpacks/pencils/pens/lunch bags and SO MUCH MORE!  What is a seller supposed to do?  

It Should Be Super Easy Right?

  You can run to your local drug store right now and get a good feel for what is available for students right now!  Just take your smart phone and scanning app with you.  Choose a few items, and the app will tell  you what is REALLY GOOD and profitable!  Well, that could be true if the item has any sort of sales history.  Unfortunately, the problem with Back To School items is most of them are new to the Amazon market this year, so ranks may not be available. Another option would to be just go to Target and grab some items that match each other.  You can bundle them up and they will surely sell.  But, what if there is no demand for the included products?  What if the pieces you put together aren’t appealing to the kids who are going to be receiving them?  There are so many details to consider, how is everyone doing this?  

Why Go At It Alone?

  We are here to make sure that you are able to get started quickly and cash in quickly.  The window for selling Back To School isn’t that big when you consider the amount of product that is sold.  So, you don’t want to be spending weeks trying to figure out what is going to work and what isn’t.  We have been right where you are now, and are sharing our secrets with you so you can walk with confidence into a new area.

 What This Guide Will Cover…

Suggested Timeline

We give you an outline of what the typical Back To School selling season will look like.  What months should you be planning?  When should you be buying and when should you be selling off the excess?  With a short lived season this will help you stay right on track!

Tips For Spotting Trends

Back To School is a season that is very trend heavy.  It is important to be able to spot the hottest items that will be demanding the highest return this year.  We give you some of our favorite ways to keep up with the in demand product lines.

Age Specific Tips

We breakdown each age group and highlight the best things to look out for and what is most important to remember for them.  Each age group has some specific product types we have found profitable and tips for finding what may be trending for them this year.


Grade Level Supply Lists

A lot of sellers think of preschool and elementary school students when it comes to buying products for Back To School, but you also have middle school, high school & college!  Do you know what you can buy that will potentially be profitable for a college age student?  Each grade comes with a supply checklist with the items marked we find the most potential in.

Finding Store Loss Leaders

We show you some of our favorite stores and yearly sales to watch out for.  When the big retail stores are willing to take a loss by providing you with an extreme discount just to get you into the store, it is prime opportunity for you to snag up some high profit items.

And MORE!!!

BONUS! 4 Q&A Call Recordings

Last year Jessica & Cliff opened a private group for a small group to get direct access for Back To School Training.  You can get access to the Q&A recordings that past members paid $250 for!  There are 2 recordings where we answered all the questions our coaching group had.  These have even been transcribed for quick reading if you prefer that method.


This training was excellent for someone who has never participated in the back-to-school sales. It was thorough throughout all age groups for the specific supplies. The ways to research hot items is invaluable for experts or beginners. The timeline for necessary action steps and ways to find good deals were tremendous and simple enough where anyone can implement and understand regardless of experience level. Anthony Woolever

Great training for back to school! I love how you've broken the training down into age groups and a working timeline! It makes the process of thinking about this much less overwhelming. The suggestions on ways to start thinking about what might be the hot items, tactical suggestions for scouting and examples of specific items to look for are extraordinarily helpful! The course was well laid out, and easy to follow. Lesley Parker

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm A Brand New Seller Can I Profit From Back To School?

Congratulations on getting started with your Amazon FBA business.  As long as you know how to scan products and get them sent into Amazon you will benefit from this training.  We don't teach the basics of the Amazon business in this course, it is made to teach you a new sourcing method.  If you feel you need more of the basics, make sure to check out our Amazon Boot Camp.  

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes of course.  If you feel that our guide was not up to par, you can send a support ticket within 30 days and we will refund your money.  No questions asked or hard feelings. Our group support is non refundable after 7 days.  
An excellent course on how to make great profit during the slow summer months. The course is presented clearly with actionable steps for identifying and sourcing back to school items for Kindergarten thru College age students. Thanks. I'm ready to tackle the season! Nkemdilim Higdon

I enjoyed reading the Back to School Training guide. I haven't yet sold specifically for this “season” but am now looking forward to it. This guide is clear and concise in it's presentation giving more details than I expected. I hadn't thought of all of the ideas on how to determine the coming trends that are presented here. Thank you , Cliff and Jessica, for the helpful guidance in yet another potentially profitable selling season. Robin Jones

Who's Behind The Back 2 School Profits Training?

Jessica Larrew

Jessica Larrew


Back To School Profits Find Out How Amazon Sellers Are Cashing InI am the creator of the Back To School Profits guide.  My husband Cliff and I LOVE sourcing in the Back To School season and wanted to share that joy with others. More about me… I started selling on Amazon after getting laid off from my job and was able to replace my income, and then my husbands income as well.  He left his corporate job to sell on Amazon with me.  Our first full year we had almost $300,000 in sales and profited over $100,000.  We have built our business in a way that we are able to work VERY part time while still bringing in a full time income. My goal is for others to experience the same financial freedom that we have found, by having our Amazon business.  I would love to partner up with you and get you into business for yourself!

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