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Why You Should Be An Affiliate:

In case you are needing some convincing, here are some reasons people love to be an affiliate for my products

Earn 40%-50% On Every Product Sale You Refer!

You will receive a commission of 40%-50% every time someone purchases one of my products using your affiliate link.  The reason it varies is because I sometimes have partners on the products.  In that case, you will receive 40%.  On all of my solo products, you receive 50%.

Repeat Sales Rock!

My clients often purchase multiple items, which means you get credit for multiple orders!

No Cookie Hassle!

I use a program called Amember which tags your referrals for LIFE.  Once a product is purchased, the client creates an account and you will always be associated with that account as the affiliate.  It doesn’t matter if they make future purchases from their phone, their work computer or their home computer…YOU get the credit.

Get Paid Monthly!

I pay on time every month (ok, one exception when I was in the hospital).  You will get paid, via PayPal, on the 1st day of the month for any sales made during that previous month.  (Example – Commissions earned in May will be paid on June 1st).  No minimum amount needed.  If you make one commission of $7, I will pay it to you that month!

Ready To Sign Up?

We have an easy sign up process right here. (Note: To keep the integrity and spirit of our affiliate program, ordering or signing up through your own affiliate link is forbidden in this affiliate program. Any self-serve commissions will be deleted in order to ensure that all affiliates receive proper credit for their sales)