If you drive your car for business-related trips, you've got to be using the best mileage tracking app available for self-employed business owners.

There are a lot of mileage trackers available in the app stores for both Android and Apple apps, but they are not all worth your time and money.

Instead of giving you a big long list of all of the available mileage tracking apps that are available in the market today, I want to provide you with the ONE app that I believe is the BEST mileage tracking app today.

I'll also give you some of the important things you need to know about claiming mileage deductions for your business and things you should be looking out for so that you can reduce your tax bill as much as possible!

Am I saying you can save money on your tax bill simply by downloading the best mileage tracker app and putting it to use? Yup, you bet I am!

Mileage is one of the most under-reported tax write-offs for business owners…Typically it is skipped because it can be hard to track all of the qualified miles you are driving for your business.

That's why it's so important to have a super simple and accurate way to log your business miles you drive every day.

Please note that I am not a tax professional and this post is written based only on my own experiences. Please talk to a tax attorney or CPA and read the documentation on the IRS website to determine the right deductions for your business.

The #1 Mileage Tracking App For Automatically Tracking Business MilesHurdlr is the Best Mileage Tracking App available for business owners!

Over the years I've tried many different ways of tracking my business mileage. I've used printed calendars, notebooks, and multiple apps.

I have found the best app for automatically tracking mileage (without having to remember to press start) is Hurdlr.

They have a free plan, but the one I recommend is the Premium Plan, which is $5/month when paid yearly.

The reason I prefer the Premium Plan is that plan has Automatic Mileage Tracking where the app learns your routes and reminds you trips that appear to be business-related.

Setting Hurdlr Up for Automatic Mileage Tracking

I think one of the best benefits of using the Premium Plan with Hurdlr is the ability to turn on the Auto-Tracking.

When you do this, Hurdlr is constantly running and using your phones GPS to log the start and end addresses for each drive you take.

When you log back into the app you will be asked if the trip was for business or was a personal trip.


Hurdlr also has the ability to ‘learn' your routes!

If you are always going to the same stores/locations, you can have the mileage log app auto-tag the route anytime it is driven in the future. 

This is so helpful for those places that you are sourcing from weekly or dropping off shipments to constantly.

Up To Date Mileage Reports

Once you start using Hurdlr to log your business mileage, you will love the reporting that shows you just how much those miles add up to in tax savings!

When you think about mileage in terms of $.55 per mile it doesn't seem like much, but when you look at a trip and see it is worth $20, now it starts to really make sense!

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Trackable Mileage for Amazon Sellers

If you do any amount of Retail Arbitrage, you've probably noticed just how many miles you're getting on your car.

Each trip from your house to Target, Walmart, or any store where you source inventory counts as a business drive.

But RA sourcing hauls aren't the only business drives that Amazon sellers take!

Here are some trips that you might take as an Amazon seller that could count as a business trip (remember: talk to your tax professional to confirm this!)

  • Inventory sourcing
  • Shopping for supplies
  • (picking up boxes at Home Depot or labels from Staples)

  • Trips to USPS, UPS, or FedEx (for dropping off FBA shipments or MF orders)
  • Trips to a UPS Store or PO Box to pick up Online Arbitrage deliveries
  • Driving to business conferences or meet-ups

Many Amazon sellers don't realize that all these “little” trips can add up in big ways!

Whether you want to automate everything with a mileage tracker app or if you're going to stick to pen and paper, I hope you do start logging your miles.

There's no reason for any Amazon seller to miss out on this tax deduction!

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Jessica @ The Selling Family