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Today was one of those days, where I am reminded exactly why I love buying liquidation!  Over the years, we have made some contacts in the liquidation industry and every once in awhile having them has paid off big time.  I would like to share a story with you about the purchase we made today.

On Monday, our normal shopping day, we decided to go deep on a sunscreen load that our test packs had done well on.  Even though I had not talked to the store owner at this particular store in a while I decided, what the heck, and just called him up.  After chatting with him for a few minutes he invited Cliff and I to come to his warehouse today (Tuesday) and check out some of the stuff he thought would be “perfect” for us.  As well as more of the sunscreen mentioned above.

When we arrived, we were shown around the warehouse to look at the new products they had in stock and then taken to the room where they kept all of the “higher end items”.  These were the items that they didn't want to put into the salvage store because they wouldn't get the most $ for them, so they were testing the waters on eBay.  If you know our buying style, we are actually looking for the items that appear to have no “extra value”.  So, we thanked them for showing us the higher end stuff and went back to dig for some treasures in the warehouse!  

There were a few items that they had in case lots that were exactly what we were looking for.  After we showed them all of the items we were interested in, we talked prices and then counted up quantities for each item.  

One of the cool things is that these people know we are buying to resale.  There is no hiding the scanner, or acting like we are buying for whatever reason.  Just straight up, wheeling and dealing, so that we both come out ahead.  For them, it is a quick sell, getting them money to reinvest into new product.  When we buy 100 of something, it is instant return.  If they put it on their store shelf, it could take months for that same item to sell out.  

For us, it means not having to remove stickers from hundreds of items.  Only having to list a few unique SKUs, keeping our total number low like we like.   Best of all, we can skip a few shopping days, if we want to…Honestly, we probably wont 🙂

Here are the breakdowns from today's haul:

240 multi packs of lip gloss - cost $2/each - FBA $30/set of 2 - rank 78,000

360 boxes of an OTC med - cost $3/each - FBA $29/set of 2 - rank 9,000

111 boxes of an allergy med - cost $3/each - FBA $16.50 each - rank 13,000

378 tubes of neutrogena sunblock - cost $1.50/each - FBA $25/set of 2 - rank 9,500

48 tubes of banana boat sunblock - cost $1/each - FBA $18/set of 2 - rank 86,000


All of the ranks are in health and beauty.  My comfort zone for that category is 150,000.

The total cost was $2508.  Our total list price for FBA is $15,808.  A rough estimate on profit is $8,800.  

We spent an hour and a half at the warehouse, and an hour driving.  We will have 2 helpers packing the items for FBA and it should take 3 hours.  We will pay them $10/hour each.  

It is trips like this that are just the icing on the cake.  We find most of our inventory from liquidation stores, just with smaller purchases at a time.  If you would like to read some of our tips/tricks for buying liquidation, I would like to invite you to read my recently released eBook Liquidation Gold.  

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!  I love sharing my journey with you and enjoy interacting with you.  If you have any questions or comments, please comment below.   



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