Most of us are using online shopping more and more every day, right?  

One of the ways that I earn extra cash for our family is by using Ebates every time that I make an online purchase.  Whether the purchase is for Amazon inventory, or for personal use, I always use Ebates to make sure I get a little money back.

Are you getting cash back on your online purchases?  See how we've used Ebates to earn over $4,000 in cash back for online purchases!  It's super easy.

Since opening my Ebates account in 2012 I have earned over $4,300 in cash back!  This is money I would have been spending online anyways, so why not get a little bit back that I can use for other things.

See how we've used Ebates to earn over $4,000 in cash back for online purchases!

Here's How Ebates Works

When you are making a purchase through an online retailer, you go to and search for the store you are wanting to make a purchase from.  When you find the store, you click through to that store from within your Ebates account.  This creates a tracking cookie, which is how you get the credit for the cash back.

Most stores offer between 1%-3% in the form of cash back.  Other stores offer much more!  Vision Direct and Turbo Tax both offer 8%.  Both of which I have made recent purchases from!

The reason they can offer cash back is because they are an affiliate for the store they are offering the cash back from.  If you click their link to go to a store like say Target, then Target will pay them a percentage of the total amount you spend on the order.  For sending your their way.  In turn, Ebates offers you a percentage of what they get from the store.  So they keep some, and you get some back.  

Sounds like a win-win to me!  

The Ebates Button Makes It Easy To Grab Cash Back

One of the ways you can ensure that you never miss grabbing your cash back is by installing the Ebates browser bar / button.  This will install a reminder bar on your browser that will light up green / red depending on if you have the cash back cookie being tracked at the moment.  

Sometimes when you switch to a different browser tab you lose the tracking, so I like this as a last minute reminder that I am good to go before clicking to check out.  

See how we've used Ebates to earn over $4,000 in cash back for online purchases!

Once you submit the order, you can't go back and add the cash back tracking.  So make sure you do it ahead of time.

It takes a few days for your cash back to show up in your account.  But, you can see the click tracking right away.

I have tried a few other cash back sites, but stick with Ebates as my go to now because it is always consistent and I've never had cash back not show up.  Some of the others I have tried never completed the cash-back process so I missed out on it all together.  So, even though some sites say they offer a higher percentage, I just stick with using Ebates now.

Get a FREE $10 cash bonus by signing up today!

If you sign up here for a new Ebates account, you can get a free $10 cash bonus.  You just have to make a minimum purchase of $25 within the first 90 days of signing up for your account.  

See how we've used Ebates to earn over $4,000 in cash back for online purchases!

Get ready for your Big Fat Bonus

They call the rebate checks “Big Fat Bonuses”.  My next “Big Fat Bonus” is for $475.  I can't wait to hear about how much you get back on your first check.  I actually use the direct deposit to Paypal option, but you can choose to get an actual check if you prefer.  Totally up to you.

See how we've used Ebates to earn over $4,000 in cash back for online purchases!


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