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I purchased a course and I can't find it?

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If you are still having trouble after this step, please use the contact form to the right and we would be happy to assist you further.

Can you teach me Private Label, Dropshipping or Wholesale?

Our Amazon Boot Camp teaches the Retail Arbitrage method of sourcing.  Which is buying products from local (or online) retail stores, and then reselling them on Amazon.

If you want to label your own products and create a brand to sell on Amazon, we recommend checking out the Proven Private Label course.

If you want to buy name brand products from wholesalers, we recommend the Proven Wholesale Sourcing course for that.

Can you help me with my Amazon business?

Congrats on having an Amazon business!

At this time, the only way we offer assistance to Amazon business owners is through our paid trainings, our free blog posts and email newsletter.

Due to the number of emails we receive, we are not able to answer one on one business questions.

Our Amazon Boot Camp members are welcomed to post in our private community to get assistance.

Thanks for your understanding!

I live outside of the United States, can you help me sell?

For Canada Residents, wanting to sell on the Canadian Marketplace:

We have had quite a few students go through our course and go on to be successful in the Amazon FBA business.

There are a lot of similar things about the .CA and the .Com versions of the sites.

Some of the strategies that I teach will not be the same for a Canadian seller, because of things like shipping to Amazon. You don't get the same rates as we do here. The marketplace is also different so the rank guidelines I give will not apply to you.

If you are willing to work through those differences, then I invite you to take the Amazon Boot Camp 🙂  

Just remember that we did all of the trainings from the US seller perspective.

For people outside of the USA and Canada:

Because we are USA based sellers, it is hard for us to know exactly what goes on for International sellers.

Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity for international sellers.

Personally, we do not have experience in teaching this business model but we have great news!!! There is another very well received course that has a lot of modules specifically for international sellers.

You can check it out here: Proven Amazon Course

We wish you the best of luck with your future business!

Will The Selling Family Promote My Product / Service?

Thanks for your interest in having The Selling Family promote your products / services.

We are very selective in the process of what we will share with our audience.

That said, we are always looking for AMAZING things to share.

Please send us a message using the contact form to the right and make sure to include the following information:

  • Name of product / service
  • Purpose – explain this as if you were telling someone who has NO IDEA what it would do
  • Cost of product
  • Commission offered (we do not deal with low commissions, so keep this in mind)

Please Note: If you have a digital product or downloadable, we will not promote unless we host it in our own system. This makes it easier for our buyers to find their product, and protects the integrity of our list from being saturated.

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