Starting a new Amazon business can be quite the roller coaster ride.

We've got all the emotions that come with starting a new business, expenses that go along with that, confidence (or lack of) in the process and more.

As we have worked with thousands of brand new sellers starting their Amazon FBA businesses, we come across many of the same patterns.  thoughts that run through everyone's minds as they take the steps needed to become profitable.

Even between the time of setting up your Amazon seller account to the joy of making your first sale, there are a lot of things that come up and cause a whirlwind of emotions.

Sometimes it's hard to put the actual journey into words or adequately explain to someone what it's like to take those steps of becoming an Amazon seller in the first place.

This reminds me of a post that a student and now good friend of ours posted in our Amazon Boot Camp private Facebook group a long time ago.  

Steve Bullis wrote this really cool post breaking down the journey and emotional roller coaster of becoming a new seller on Amazon.

He gives a whole 450-day breakdown of the journey…In a very humorous and relatable style.

I am sharing this with you today as encouragement, for whatever step you are on in your journey, so that you can remember, you are NOT alone, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Every journey of starting a business is different and filled with different obstacles, but along the way, so many things come up for many of us.

Here is the original post…Go ahead and laugh about some of the ironies and also be encouraged!

Posted By: Steve Bullis in Amazon Boot Camp


The timeline of an FBA'er I'm leaving out lots but this pretty much sums up the flow and the dates are really just for reference of order some will take longer than others.

The Daily Thoughts Of An Amazon FBA SellerDay 1: ItsIs this really possible?
Day 2: There are so many things to learn, I'm never going to get through all of this.
Day 7-13: I'm ready to shop. Scan, beep, Scan beep….Nothing found.
Day 14: I've been scanning all week and can't seem to find anything. I must be doing something wrong.
Day 15: I've asked the group what I'm doing wrong, they just say “Just keep Scanning”
Day 30: I've got my first shipment ready
Day 31: It'sin Texas.
Day 32: It's still in Texas
Day 34: Kentucky
Day 35: Tennessee
Day 36: Waiting for Amazon to check it in.
Day 37-39: Still not all checked in.
Day 40: I sold some stuff, maybe this will work.
Day 41-45: No sales..
Day 46: What am doing wrong?
Day 47: Reprice
Day 48: More sales
Day 49: Payout much smaller than I thought and what are all these Amazon fees.
Day 50: Start over on Day 30 a few times.
Day 60: First feedback woohoo!
Day 70: Maybe this isn't right for me
Day 90: Compare my numbers to others, (disappointed) I should be doing better
Day 95: Check seller central every 15 minutes.
Day 100: Best day ever.
Day 110: Holy cow New Best Day Ever.
Day 115: First Negative Feedback
Day 120: Payout that makes my old job look like peanuts.
Day 130: Bills
Day 150: Not as good as before. If I just had more money to source with.
Day 180: Out of packing supplies shipping put on hold.
Day 185: More negative feedback crap I've got to do something about this.
Day 200: OK Time to get serious… Business license. Taxes and insurance.
Day 201: I have to file in how many states…
Day 210: OK back to sourcing
Day 215: Finally Stopped checking sales every hour.
Day 220: Family and friends still think your that your crazy
Day 230: Online sourcing flop
Day 250: Wholesale sourcing flop
Day 260: Back to retail
Day 265: Happy your in territory you're familiar with.
Day 320: Significant other starts to think this might actually work.
Day 360: Look back and realize your $500 investment turned into $75,000
Day 365: Realize you have to pay taxes on that.
Day 366: Realize you're OK with paying Taxes on that.
Day 370: Go full time
Day 380: Celebrate your now full time.
Day 400: Was this the right move?
Day 450: Yep, changed life, you now own a lifestyle business.

We couldn't have said it better Steve.

What stage are you at in your business?  Are there any things that you feel should be added to this journey?

If you are not selling on Amazon and still debating on whether it is a journey you want to take, we hope you found the post encouraging to start your very own lifestyle business through Amazon FBA and we would love to help you in our Amazon Boot Camp course.

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