Jessica’s FBA Shipment Supplies

Jessica's FBA Shipment Supplies

If you are getting ready to send your first items off to Amazon, I am sure you are confused by all of the tools there are out there.  I have put together a list of the items that I use when packaging shipments for Amazon.

The first part of the list are the bare necessities.  The second list are some tools that make shipping easier, but can be added after you start making money.

Bare Necessities:

1.  Shipping Boxes – You can get free boxes from many different stores by asking them. often has boxes available by members.  We purchase our boxes from Home Depot.  They have 3 sizes we use.  I would recommend their small and medium boxes when first starting out.  They run under a $1.00 for the small and $1.29 for a medium.

2.  Packing Tape – Can be purchased from many stores.  A few dollars a roll from Wal-Mart or you can order it on as well.  The first option is good for getting started.  The second option is more economical and easier to use.  The initial cost of the dispenser is more, but the refills are larger than the first ones.


3.  Scale to weigh the packages.  You can start off with your bathroom scale if you have one.  This is the scale that I use and really like because it has a battery and holds the weight for a few seconds after taking the box off of the top of it so you have time to see it.  If I was to purchase a new scale, I would purchase the second one shown because of the detached panel.  Then you don't have to wonder if the weight has registered before moving the box off of the scale.


4.  Removable address labels to cover the barcodes on your items.  A lot of people use the non removable ones, but the Amazon rules state they need to be removable.  If you are every doing books or any type of media, you would definitely want the removable ones.  When you are labeling a product with outer packaging, the label is not much of a concern.  The second option is the regular labels for when you are not going direct on the product itself.


5.  Box Labels – You can get these for free from UPS with a free account.  To start, you can use a piece of paper and tape it on.

Makes Life Easier, But Not An Essential

1.  Dymo Label Printer – This saves ink because it is thermal.  You can also print item labels on demand, instead of waiting until the end of the shipment to do it.  Below is the one that I have as well as the labels I use.  The first labels (30352) can be used with third party listing services or if you are listing through Amazon.  If you are going to list with Amazon direct, with no 3rd party services use the labels (30334)


2.  USB Barcode Scanner – makes inputting your UPC codes faster.  I lived without one of these until just recently.  It does make it faster for sure.

3.  Scotty Peelers – These are my most used tools!  I love the metal ones.  They are sharp and take some getting used to, but I can't live without them!


4.  Box Resizer – This makes a box that is too big, the perfect size!  You can easily cut down the edges so it fits right on top of your product.  Saves money on packing filler too.



**These are Amazon Affiliate Links.  All products listed are ones that I actually use and recommend**