Grocery Goldmine

A Real World Guide For Selling Groceries On Amazon

Grocery Goldmine How To Sell Groceries On

Are you tired of constantly looking for new items to sell?  Have you heard of people talking about selling replenishable items on Amazon?  Where they buy a product from the store and then are able to restock that item over and over again?  I know that it probably seems impossible to be able to pay full price for something and then actually sell it for high enough to make a profit! Or maybe you have heard of people selling groceries, but you just don't understand where to start in a store full of grocery items!  There are so many brands, products with expiration dates, easily damageable items and more.  If you are interested in selling grocery items, there has to be an easy way to get started.  


It Should Be Pretty Easy Right?

One way that you could try to get started with selling groceries is to just look at what the top grocery items are on Amazon right now.  That should give you a great idea of the types of things people are looking for.  But, man, it looks like Amazon is selling most of them, and at prices cheaper than what your local store carries them for! How about if you just go to the local grocery store and just scan everything to find something profitable?  If you have weeks and weeks to find products, then sure!  That is a great plan.  What you really need is a way to focus on items that may be good sellers AND bring in a profit!  


We Have Exactly What You Need To Find Groceries To Sell!

The Selling Family has put this together to help you find replenishable items from your local grocery stores.  We are talking about products that  you can go in and pick up weekly and start having consistent selling products.  This is a great addition to your normal routine. When you discover the virtually endless supplies sitting right on your local shelves, you will want to spend hours “grocery shopping”. It will be a nice break from endlessly shopping clearance isles and digging through discount bins!  


This guide was the rocket fuel I needed to kick start my FBA business!  My first goal was to incorporate grocery as a significant part of my business model.  My first few attempts at grocery were a complete nightmare.  I stood in front of the rows and rows of groceries and didn't have a clue what to do, what to scan or where to focus my time.  But that ended once I completed this course on groceries.  This guide provided the perfect strategy on how to research the right grocery items that would make the most profit.  I feel like an expert at selling groceries now and my FBA business has been propelled to a fast start!


Don't Get Overwhelmed By The Possibilities!

We are here to make sure that you are able to walk into your grocery store with confidence and start finding profitable replenishable inventory items. Groceries is one of the few categories on Amazon where a buyer will buy the same item over and over!  This means that once you have a customer, you can sell to them multiple times.  How awesome is that? Not only will we be sharing with you how to find products that others won't be able to easily source, we will make sure you know all the things to look out for before getting started.


The Grocery Goldmine guide was packed full of beneficial education on how to build a revenue stream within the grocery category.  The Selling Family created this guide in the usual easy to read and understand format that all of Jessica's trainings bring. The guide includes examples of products and also gives you an opportunity to stop and work through questions at the end of each section to ensure you are on the right track to be successful.  The section on bundling could be a guide in and of itself.  This is a topic that I think will be key in building my business with Amazon.


Sean Lewis

Here's What You Can Expect

  • Over 80 pages of insight into selling groceries that will have you well on your way to stocking up
  • Thought provoking Action Steps at the end of the chapters to help you digest what you have just learned
  • Strategies to recognize “off the shelf” inventory, so you don't have to wait for a big sale
  • Ways that you can find products locally that others will not be able to find everywhere else, giving you the advantage
  • Ways you can cut your costs and maximize your profit margins
  • How to deal with expiration dates and lot codes to you don't end up with unsellable products
  • Why you should be bringing new products to market so you can eliminate competition (at least for awhile)
  • and MORE…


This grocery guide offers the reader the “A to Zs” of the what, why when and how method of shopping and marketing groceries on Amazon.  There is nothing left out.  There are many screenshots of products that help to demonstrate the valuable lessons being taught as well as mini-assignments throughout the course to drive home the point and to interact with the reader.  I will refer to this course frequently to improve my Amazon business!


Christine S


Who Is Behind This Course?


Jessica Larrew

IJessica Larrew have been selling on Amazon full time for over 5 years and am passionate about helping new and experienced sellers reach their financial goals.  After just a few short years of working the Amazon business solo, I was able to bring my husband home as well!  We call ourselves full time sellers, when the reality is we are working less than 20 hours a week combined and making more than a six figure income from selling on  I put trainings together in the way that I learn the best and that is by going over every detail step by step.  All of the courses I put out come from my own experience and are tested by my students prior to ever being released to the “public”.  You can rest assured that the methods shared with you in my guides are proven




More Of What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


The book has opened up a whole new world for my Amazon business.  It has addressed every single fear that I had about selling grocery items and I am now armed with the confidence I needed to expand into the very profitable world of groceries!

Stephen S