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A few years ago we got an amazing offer to buy some Burt's Bees liquidation stock. These items were ranked under 3,000 in the Health & Personal Care category and had few sellers. We paid $5 for each unit and they were selling for between $15-$22 each. I sent in some of each item right away. I quickly realized that competing with Amazon was a time consuming and frustrating task when you are talking about hundreds of units. They were not selling nearly as fast as I thought they would when I made the original purchase.


How To Create Unique Bundles On Amazon To Own The Buy Box


How did I overcome this hurdle? I made a bundle of these items. On each one of the listings, the other products were showing up in the box that says “Frequently Purchased Together”.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 6.41.47 PM

This told me that the products were being purchased by the same customers. So, why not save them 3 steps and give it to them all in one listing? I pulled up the listing and it is still live today 🙂 Slightly embarrassing though when I look at it! I didn't have all of the tools I know about now for creating listings, so the picture is not very high quality at all. But, you know what? It sold like hot cakes. The best part about selling them this way was that I didn't have to compete with Amazon on the other listings.

Here is the listing for the bundle (don't laugh at it ok?)

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.54.43 PM

If you have read any of my guides or heard me on various spree casts, I talk about this concept a lot. I know that it works really well. The simple example that I usually give is combining shampoo and conditioner, or cake mix and frosting. You really need to think about the items that people are already purchasing together and then make things simple for them.

Amazon gives us some good hints by using the Frequently Purchased Together section that I showed you above. But, there is so much more that you can do to really get an edge over the competition. I wish I could say that I was an expert in creating unique bundles, but I'm not.

There is only one other person that I have talked to that REALLY gets it! Debra, from Thrifting For Profit has told me about some really awesome bundles that she has put together in the past. We have had multiple conversations about this as being a major factor when it comes to increasing sales while decreasing competition.

Debra has put together a guide (Bundles Basics & Advanced Strategies) so that you can really get into her thought process for putting together really unique and awesome bundles! If you ask me, this guide could not be coming out at a more perfect time! Just when Amazon is making some changes on who can sell in health & personal care, beauty and grocery. If you are approved in these categories, this will work for all of them…BUT, if you aren't. I actually think that the information is better used outside of those categories! Lot's of opportunity in the toy category, arts & crafts, tools, housewares and more.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.47.58 PM

I was able to write the foreword for this ebook and am happy to share it with you guys! If you would like to get a leg up on the competition and learn how to really get an EXCLUSIVE edge, I highly recommend checking out this guide! You can see in the foreword that my first experience trying to get really creative with bundles, didn't go so well 🙂

If you have created your own bundles, I would love to hear about it! Have you been happy with the results? If you haven't done any already, is it something that you are interested in? Share below 🙂  




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