JoeLister Review - Hands-Off eBay Sales for Amazon FBA SellerseBay is a great place to sell inventory online. As of 2018, eBay has over 168 million active buyers. Wouldn't it be nice to have those eyes on your inventory?

Now if eBay is so amazing, you might be wondering why I made the switch from eBay to Amazon FBA years ago. Well, that's because fulfilling eBay orders was too time-consuming.

When you're a reseller trying to earn full-time income in part-time hours like I do, it can be difficult to make eBay profitable. The more you sell, the more trips you have to make to the post office.

But what if you could make eBay fulfillment as automated and hands-off as Amazon FBA?

I've recently discovered a service that does just that! JoeLister automatically lists your Amazon FBA inventory on eBay and uses Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment service for shipping.

After testing it out and making my first few automated eBay sales, I'm a pretty big fan!

Today I want to share my JoeLister review with you. I'll explain how it works, why it helps boost sales, and how to get your account setup in just 5 minutes.

How JoeLister Works

JoeLister is web-based software that creates eBay listings from your Amazon FBA inventory. JoeLister then automatically creates a fulfillment order to the eBay customer using Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) program.

This means that you can have your FBA inventory live on both Amazon and eBay at the same time.

One-Click eBay Listings

JoeLister works by syncing your Amazon and eBay accounts. I'll show you how to set that up later (it's really easy).

Once JoeLister can “see” both your eBay and Amazon accounts, you can use JoeLister to create an eBay listing in just one click. JoeLister pulls what it needs (including product description and images) from the Amazon product page.

JoeLister Inventory Dashboard

In the screenshot above, JoeLister is showing all of my FBA inventory (Inventory type: AFN). All I have to do is click the List button to create an eBay listing.

You can do this one item at a time (like what's shown here) and customize each eBay listing as you want. You'll be shown a preview of exactly how the eBay listing will look to the customer so that you can make any changes.

Or, you can select multiple Amazon listings at once and list them all on eBay in bulk.

By default, JoeLister creates “Good Til Canceled” (GTC) offers on eBay instead of 30-Day or Best Offer listings. You can change this in the settings, but for most FBA inventory, GTC listings are best.

Pricing your eBay Inventory

When you're pricing items for FBA, it's easy enough to use the FBA Revenue Calculator to make sure you'll be profitable. You'll want to make sure that your eBay listings are also profitable after MCF and eBay fees.

JoeLister makes it really easy to set your eBay prices. You can stick with their default pricing suggestions (that's what I did) or do some customizing in the Settings.

JoeLister pricing formula settings page

Let me show you what the default setting “Percent Margin: 0” pricing formula looks like in action.JoeLister Pricing Formula on eBay listing page

This is from the “Prepare Listing” screen in JoeLister. JoeLister has filled in a suggested eBay Price of $23.78 based on the pricing formula I've selected.

Because I've set the formula to match my Amazon profit margins (Percent Margin: 0), JoeLister is going to automatically calculate the right eBay price for me.

Amazon's MCF fees are different than their FBA fees, so the earnings are going to be different. While the MCF fees are often lower, there are also eBay and PayPal fees to consider.

But JoeLister has done the math for me and calculated that I can charge just about $1 more than my Amazon listing price and get the same net earnings of $12.51 when this item sells. That way it doesn't matter to me if it sells on eBay or Amazon first, I get the same payout.

I've also highlighted in the bottom right how JoeLister shows Recent eBay Prices. I can see that my $23.78 price point will be competitive with other current or recent eBay listings.

Inventory Quantity Sync

This may sound obvious, but JoeLister wouldn't work without Quantity Sync. JoeLister will always keep the quantity in sync between your Amazon FBA inventory and eBay. This means you won't accidentally oversell or double sell an item.

JoeLister has some other safeguards in place as well. When you make a new eBay listing, JoeLister will set your available quantity on eBay to 1 (you can change this to another number). If that was your only quantity at Amazon, then it will automatically change to 0. If you have more in stock, however, JoeLister will reset the eBay quantity back to 1.

Automatic Fulfillment

So this is where the magic happens!

When you get an eBay sale on one of your JoeLister listings, JoeLister will fulfill that item from your FBA inventory. You can check on the status of any sold listings in the “eBay Sales” tab of your JoeLister account.

JoeLister will even mark the item as shipped on eBay as soon as they receive tracking information from Amazon.

JoeLister can even take fulfillment one step further by automatically leaving feedback for your buyer. Pretty cool!

Why Use JoeLister

You've seen how easy it is to use JoeLister. All you have to do is press the “List” button and JoeLister handles everything else. But maybe you're not sure why you should bother listing your Amazon inventory on eBay.

The main reason is simple: more potential customers equals more sales. It's always possible that the right buyer for your product is hanging out on eBay and not Amazon.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment is an option with or without JoeLister. But using JoeLister makes it so easy (you could list all of your FBA inventory on eBay in a matter of minutes) that there's no reason not to try it.

Here are a few good reasons to list your inventory on eBay and take advantage of Amazon's MCF program:

  • Clearing out inventory before LTSF (better to sell it on eBay than dispose of it)
  • Selling inventory that's “tanked” in price or rank on Amazon but still has a market on eBay
  • Getting your inventory in front of more buyers
  • You want to sell on eBay, but don't want to warehouse your own inventory
  • You have inventory that's gone Stranded at Amazon warehouses for one reason or another

I actually just took advantage of that last one and snagged $132 in eBay sales off of one stranded Amazon ASIN.

Here's what happened. I had sent in multiples of this vegan protein powder to Amazon. But after my inventory arrived, I became restricted in the brand. Yes, that happens even to long-time sellers like me!!

So usually I would pay to have the items sent back to me so I could list them on eBay myself or just donate them. But luckily this ASIN went stranded after I started using JoeLister.

I decided to list them on eBay with JoeLister instead of sending them back to my house. And the result?

Sold 4 bottles of protein powder on eBay with JoeLister

In just 10 days, I sold 4 units of this otherwise “unsellable” protein powder. If I'd had Amazon return them to me, they probably wouldn't have even arrived at my house in 10 days!

Is JoeLister Worth the Cost?

JoeLister is a paid service. You pay a flat monthly fee based on the number of eBay listings you'll be creating. The cheapest plan starts at $25/month for 100 eBay listings and goes up to $139/month for 2500 listings.

The good thing is that you don't have to list all of your Amazon FBA inventory on eBay. Even if you have 500 items in stock at Amazon, you might only want to list some of those ASINs on eBay with JoeLister.

But if you do subscribe to JoeLister, make sure that your eBay sales justify the cost of the software. If you're paying $79/month for the Pro Plan (500 eBay listings) but you're only seeing $50/month in sales, then that just doesn't make sense.

But if you're selling through enough inventory, then JoeLister is definitely worth the cost. It really does a good job of automating eBay sales and fulfillment for Amazon sellers.

How to Get Started

All JoeLister plans start with a free 14-day trial. You'll have full access to the software during your trial so you can set up your account and maybe even get a few sales before you have to pay.

Setting up your JoeLister account is super easy. I watched the clock while I went through the full account setup and it took right at 5 minutes. They walk you through it but I wanted to show you how easy it is.

First, head on over to the JoeLister website and click the Get Started for FREE button.

Sign up for JoeLister

Then you'll be asked to create a Free account with your email address and a password.

Once you're logged in using your new account credentials, setting up your account is simple. They break it down into 4 steps.

Step 1: Contact Information

All you have to do here is enter your Full Name and Phone Number for customer support. Don't worry, they haven't called me yet!

Step 2: Authorize eBay

JoeLister needs access to your eBay account so that they can create listings for you and coordinate sales and shipping. They also need your PayPal email address for payments.

JoeLister Authorize eBay

Step 3: Connect Amazon

Now that eBay is authorized, it's time to do the same for Amazon. If you've ever used a third-party tool like RevSeller, Source Mogul, or repricing software, you've probably done this step before.

JoeLister gives really detailed instructions to follow for setting up your MWS credentials. Note that as with any 3rd party software that needs MWS, you need to have a Professional Selling Account on Amazon. If you are an Individual Seller, you won't be able to use JoeLister or use MCF.

JoeLister setup Amazon access

Step 4: Account Tier/Billing

In Step 4, you enter your credit card details and select a plan. Remember, you'll be starting with a 14-day trial and won't be charged until it ends.

After you enter that, you'll get a confirmation that you've completed all 4 steps. That's it!

If you have a lot of inventory, it's best to give JoeLister about 15 minutes to get all of your Amazon inventory synced up. Mine was all there in about 5-10 minutes and I started creating eBay listings right away.

Start Your Free Trial

The best way to understand how JoeLister works is to use it to create your first eBay listings. So go ahead and start your free trial on

Have you ever taken advantage of Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment before? I'd love to hear about your experience listing your Amazon inventory on other platforms like eBay. Let me know in the comments below!