You've Heard That Sellers Buying Liquidation Are Getting Crazy Margins, Right? 


Now You Just Need To Find out For Yourself How It Is Done!

Would you believe that Chili Powder paid our rent for over 6 months in 2014?  It's true, and pretty crazy…Right?  The secret is that we buy a bulk of our Amazon inventory from Liquidation stores.  Often times other Amazon sellers look right past these liquidation stores as viable sources.  They may stop in one time and then bounce because “everything is expired” or there is “nothing profitable”.  

This is a huge misconception when it comes to buying discount products from liquidation stores.  Yes, a bulk of the products are expired or not profitable.  But the last time I checked, I wasn't able to buy everything from retail stores or online sources either.  The key to being successful as an Amazon seller working in any niche is persistence.  And finding ways to make the process easier.

So you can either side with the masses and say that discount stores and liquidation stores are not viable ways for Amazon sellers to get inventory. Or you can get this guide, where I share the strategies that we use to make big bulk purchases to resell on Amazon while getting unheard of margins!

Let's See If Any Of This Sounds Familiar…

When it comes to buying inventory from liquidation stores you're:

trying to find stores that have profitable products at deep discounts.  They don't advertise, so what should you do?

Overwhelmed by the thought of getting stuck with loads of unsellable merchandise.  Because so and so bought a pallet from an online liquidation website and didn't even break even!

Unsure of where to focus in a store where everything is supposed to be discounted.

Giving Up on the idea of `working part time hours and making full time money.

You KNOW that adding liquidation to your Amazon FBA inventory is right because YOU:

Desire to make bulk purchases of Amazon inventory so that you can work less hours without having your income drop.

Have local discount stores and need help navigating them to find the golden nuggets of inventory.

Enjoy digging through loads of products and don't give up easily when it doesn't come in the first aisle.

Want bigger margins on products that have low purchase prices.

If you are sitting there nodding your head saying “YUP”, then keep reading 🙂

michael FMy journey into selling on Amazon FBA began with your wonderful book “Liquidation Gold”. I had a working knowledge of how selling on Amazon worked but it was this book that showed me how to get huge returns on my investment dollars! Since that time I have purchased every product you have released and have applied your suggestions to the benefit of my bottom line. Please continue to share your experiences and knowledge as I for one can assure you that you are changing peoples lives for the better.

-Michael Flanagan

Ok, I've got what you need!

It's called Liquidation Gold and it will help you add an Amazon niche that is:

More Profitable - We buy liquidation and discount products to resell on Amazon simply because the margins are unheard of in other avenues of sourcing!

Less Time Consuming - Buying in bulk from liquidation stores is a way that we are able to maintain high sales volumes and not have to work hundreds of hours a month.  Some loads have lasted us a year and made $12,000+ from just ONE purchase!

Exciting - The feeling I experience when finding a full pallet of products that can be resold at ridiculous prices is hard to explain, other than it is a rush!

Still Not Sure Liquidation Sourcing Is For You?

What is a Liquidation Store?


In the Liquidation Gold guide I get to share with you the strategies that we use to navigate and source inside of liquidation and discount stores.  When we talk about “Liquidation” we mean both mom and pop one of a kind stores, and places like Big Lots, Grocery Outlet and TJMaxx.  Any place where you can buy products that were once in mainstream retail stores.  These products are moved out of places like Target, CVS & Costco.  

The manufacturers send them to discount stores and liquidation centers.  Once they make it back to the market they are discounted so you can buy them cheaper than they were when they were at the main stores.  These strategies work for the chain stores mentioned above and the one of a kind non chain stores.  The one of a kind stores are harder for many people to locate, just know that if you can't find one, you can use what you learn here at Grocery Outlet and Big Lots too.  We get major scores from the chain stores as well.  

It's important to note that we are NOT talking about buying from online “liquidators” or buying pallets and having them shipped to  you.  The strategies that we use are all done in person where we inspect the products before purchasing.


What's So Special About Buying Liquidation Inventory?


Liquidation is quite a bit different than buying from mainstream retail stores.  First of all, all of the products are discounted, so you don't need to focus on just “clearance” or sale prices.  The whole store is your “oyster“.  That's why we have written this guide, to share with you how we have been able to navigate these stores and come up with systems for choosing the most profitable items to purchase.

Many Amazon sellers are quietly making a boat load of money purchasing discounted products and reselling them on Amazon.  Sellers who are savvy enough to stick it out and find the gold hidden in these stores never look back!  Who would want to go back to 30% margins, when we often see 100%+.  We've personally sold items (and shared them in the guide) that made over 1,000% ROI.


Ok, So It Should Be As Easy As Going In And Scanning Right?


Well, in theory, sure 🙂  The difference with a liquidation store is the whole store is full of possibilities.  But, the products are not as ready for resell as items in say Target.  There are quite a few things that you need to watch out for, and we walk you through the steps of making sure you don't get stuck with any bad products.

When we source at liquidation we will often spend an hour in the store, and come out with three different products.  The kicker is that we are only purchasing in quantities of 10+, usually 20+ and even 100+.  I share with you how we decided when to pull the trigger on these quantity levels and why it is important to make the decision right then.

The biggest benefit of purchasing in larger quantities like that is we save time on sourcing and processing.  We only have to do the “work” of finding the product once and then it doesn't take much longer to process ten of something than it does to process one.  But it takes way more time to process 10 different products versus 10 of one item.

Here's What You Will Get In This Guide

Liquidation Gold Teaches How To Buy Discontinued Products And Resell Them For Major Profits!Almost 70 pages full of our strategies to make the most of your next liquidation store visit!  No more walking in and then right back out because of overwhelm.  This guide is written in an easy to read format and takes you from choosing products to dealing with common scenarios.  Plus, lots of examples so you get a clear sense of the potential this strategy possesses.

Our best tips for finding liquidation stores.  We cover both “mom and pop” stores as well as common chain discount stores.  You are sure to find one or the other in your area.

Strategies for deciding on what quantities to purchase and when to test instead of going all in on a product.  There is nothing worse than getting home with a load of products that can't be sold for one reason or another.  Quick research is key to making decisions.

Recognizing the ways that liquidation buys are different from regular retail.  Things you need to watch out for that just don't come up in Target or Costco.  When to just keep moving on and when to dig in further.

Building relationships that make your buying experience much more pleasant and has the employees and even owners begging you to come back often!

Our strategies for our most shopped departments.  We share what we look for and things to watch out for in these categories.  As well as examples of past purchases that have made profits for months at a time.

I just finished going through your Liquidation Gold ebook. I love it! I love how thorough you were in explaining the different categories and how you made the decisions you made when it came to purchasing product. - Serena


You will also receive our custom expiration date tracker.   This tracker is printable and will help you quickly and easily know what items you have at the Amazon warehouse and when they expire.  Also, when you should start marking them down so that you don't get stuck with unsellable products.  


With Jessica’s tips, I have been able to find a liquidation store 20 miles from my home that I would not have otherwise known existed. This book is packed with tips to help source and buy using her proven methods in an easy to read format.


I was very excited to read about how you do liquidation sourcing! The book is easy to understand, thorough and well written. I can’t wait to start finding liquidation sources and if I am half as successful as you have become I’ll be happy!


Great ebook, Jessica! I’ve done liquidation loads (pallets by the truckload) before but this totally opened my eyes to another way I never would have thought of that is much easier without all the hassles we used to go through. Thanks for sharing!


Ready To Get Started With Liquidation Sourcing For Amazon?

Grab your copy of Liquidation Gold today and let us guide you through your next Liquidation Store visit!  You will no longer just see a bunch of expired goods that have a thick layer of dust on them.  You will start seeing little flecks of gold, just waiting for you to pluck it out. Soon, you will be sharing your own stories of incredible finds that people will have a hard time believing! 


Don't Just Take My Word For How Awesome It Is!

I really liked how easy it was to understand the concepts and processes you used. Many of the questions I had were anticipated and placed in the guide. I feel like it was really well thought out with the end user in mind. Very easy to understand at any level.


I found the book to be very helpful and well written regarding sourcing strategy, pricing and other key aspects of managing a profitable FBA business. Thanks for providing a solid source of helpful information, especially for those of us relatively new to FBA.


I like that Jessica uses screen shots to show her past finds and what they sold for and what the profit was. Liquidation Gold was defiantly worth the price. Jessica, thank you for sharing what has worked for you. I appreciate your candidness.


Who's Behind This Training?

And In Case You Don't Know Me…

I'm Jessica Larrew, and I am 1/3 of the crew here at  I'm the main teacher in the bunch.  So, it's Cliff & Jessica August 2014 (36)my voice you will hear behind the screen for most of the trainings here.  But, my sweet hubby does most of the on screen demos for you!  (I'm a little camera shy I guess).  Our kiddo Aiden is pretty sure he's the boss in this house and even likes to help in the business!  He is in charge of turning all of the blank address labels into colorful stickers, as well as popping all of the excess bubble wrap.

How I Got Started With Amazon

When I was 23 I was working at a job that seemed super secure and had lots of growth potential.  Then the housing market took a dive and my job went along with it.  I decided to turn what was a hobby business at the time (selling on eBay) and turn it into my full time gig.  I was able to replace my (measly) $20,000 a year income with that.  Unfortunately it wasn't scalable and took a lot of time!

When We Made The Business A Family Gig

The Family For BioIt was then I looked into Amazon and realized that was what I had been looking for!  A system that could allow me to scale my business, while keeping my hours down.  That first year selling on Amazon I made over six figures IN PROFIT!  Well, that was enough to convince me and my hunny that we should do this thing together.  So, he quit his more significantly paying job and we have been running this as a family business ever since.

Why We Started Training Others About Amazon FBA

After teaching people locally how to do what I was doing.  And getting them up and running successfully on Amazon, I
took that online.  I started working with small groups of people online to build their own Amazon businesses.  After a couple of years just working with small groups and making the materials as we went.  We decided to take our trainings online and make them more formal.  We have guides in ebook and video form.  We also teach beginning and advanced strategies across our trainings.

Some Fun Facts About Me

Outside of running our own six-figure Amazon FBA business, and teaching others to do the same.  I LOVE going to Disneyland and traveling with my family.  The freedom of not having “normal jobs” has been such a blessing to our family and our son has no clue what it is like to have “working” parents.  I absolutely love teaching people how to build Amazon businesses and I feel so blessed to be able to do it as a second job.