So, you want to sell low-content books in 2023, but you aren't sure exactly what type of book you should look at creating?

I totally understand! And, I've got you covered.

Today, I'm sharing over 30 Low Content Book Ideas that you can create quickly and start selling this year.

Since people often think of both no-content books and low-content books simultaneously, I'll go ahead and give examples of both.

No Content Book Examples For 2023

When I refer to a ‘no content book' I am talking about a book that requires zero writing by the creator. Every page is pretty much exactly the same and consists of either lines or a multitude of shapes to create the book content.

The thing that really differentiates these no-content books is usually the covers. I mean, how much can a lined notebook interior really change, right?

Lined Notebook Example Ideas:

  • Composition
  • College Ruled
  • Wide Ruled
  • Preschool/Kids Lined Paper (wide lines with the dotted center)
  • Diary (space for a date on the top)
  • Journal
  • Music Staffs
  • Sketch Paper (blank on top, lined on bottom)

All of the above no content book examples are simply lined pages with different line heights and maybe a spot to put the date at the top.

These lined notebook examples are very easy to create and get listed on Amazon (or any other site you sell your low content books).

Now, let's look at some examples that are still in the notebook category, but the pages are made from different shapes and not just repeating lines.

Different Shape Notebook Examples:

  • Square Graph Paper
  • Hexagonal Paper
  • Dot Grid Paper (AKA Bullet Journal)

Notebooks that are made up of different shapes are typically used for something very specific.

Square graph paper usually has specific measurements that the squares are. For example, there are 4×4 per inch and 5×5 per inch. This means, on the 4×5 per inch there are 4 squares per inch on the paper (each square being .25″x.25″).

These graph paper notebooks are often used in math classes and professions that draw to scale.

Hexagonal paper is often used in chemistry and labs. Like the graph papers, there should be specific heights for the hexagons.

Lastly, dot grid paper was made popular by the ‘Bullet Journal' trend.

Low Content Book Examples For 2023

The 11 examples I've already shared above are completely zero writing low content book examples. You can use templates to easily create these interiors or you can use a program like Google Slides or Canva to create these notebooks.

Next, let's look at some other types of low-content book ideas that have a little more meat in them, but still fall under the low-content category since they do not need much unique writing.

Handwriting Practice Books

  • Kids Handwriting Practice
  • Adult Handwriting Practice
  • Cursive Handwriting Practice
  • Calligraphy Practice
  • Fancy Hand Lettering

Handwriting practice books sell very well on Amazon and can be created easily using a program like Canva or Google Slides.

Start with your guidelines, pick a handwriting font, and add letters, words, and sentences for your user to copy directly on the page.

Kids Educational Low Content Books

  • Letter Tracing
  • Number Tracing
  • Shape Tracing
  • Scissor Skills
  • Math Workbooks

Parents and other adults who care for children are always looking for workbooks that can take a child's learning to the next level. These educational low-content books will take a bit more creativity to create than simple lined pages, but they are going to reach a more narrow market and have less competition.

Activity Books For Kids And Adults

  • Wordsearch
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Coloring Books
  • Sudoku
  • Mazes

As someone who loves activity books as an adult and always has, I can really appreciate the activity book niche.

Thinking about creating a word search or crossword puzzle book from scratch can be overwhelming. But, don't worry, you don't have to come up with these types of pages all on your own.

There are a lot of online puzzle generators that low-content book creators can use to make custom puzzle interiors for their next best-selling activity book.

Misc. Low Content Book Ideas For Many Niches

  • Planners
  • Calendars
  • Guest Books
  • Log Books
  • Habit Trackers
  • Guided Journals

This final set of low-content book examples is where I really fall in love with selling low-content books.

Although things like planners, logbooks, and habit trackers take more work to put together and often need to be niche specific, they can really help you shine as a low-content book creator!

If you are very familiar with a specific niche or have been wanting something to suit your own needs for a hobby or activity, this is your chance to create a specific custom notebook just for your industry.

When I created my Low Content Book Creation course, I had these types of low-content books in mind.

Low Content Book Creation Course Mockup

If you are ready to get started creating low-content books that can be sold on Amazon, this course is for you!

Now that you've gotten more than 30 examples of low-content and no content book ideas that you can create and sell, it's time to get started!

Next Steps To Creating Your Own Low Content Books

  1. Pick the types of low-content book you want to sell (review the list above again)
  2. Decide on the specific niche you want to reach with the book (the more specific the better)
  3. Create your interior pages
  4. Design your book cover
  5. Upload the book to KDP
  6. Start selling it!

Need help picking your niche or need to see more specific examples of books that are actually selling on Amazon already? We've got a spreadsheet full of 300 hot low-content niches to help you with your research! Use this spreadsheet to find your first (or next) best seller!

301+ Low Content Book Ideas in a Spreadsheet

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