Creating bundles on Amazon is a great way to stand out from the competition and get some exclusivity.  But it isn’t as simple as just throwing a few items together and calling it a day.  There is a lot of thought and planning that should go into awesome bundle ideas.  


How To Guarantee Your Product Bundles Make Sense - 6 Tips For Amazon Sellers


When I look back at my first bundle listing, I’m actually pretty embarrassed.  The picture was bad, the description and bullet points were bad.  The crazy thing though, it sold a TON.  The reason is, I had 3 things going for me.  The items were extremely popular, already selling together on Amazon and I was able to provide a discount over them having purchased them all separately.

I started thinking about this because I was doing some research on Amazon for an upcoming Valentine’s Day gift set and I came across some really bad bundles.  You know the ones, a normal item paired with some random cheap thing just so they could get an exclusive listing.    The other kind?  A listing where the seller REALLY tried to give it a go, they just didn’t have all of the information they needed to make the listing really sell!

This Listing Vs That Listing 

Check this out and tell me, does this make you think Valentine’s Day Gift?  How about Best Valentine Day Gift?

Amazon Bad Bundle Example

Aside from this bundle being 2 of the same item (hello multipack) they threw in a totally random item!  Silly bands.  If you get a gift from your loved one, are you hoping for a bonus pack of SILLY BANDS?  Heck, I don’t even want two sets of the same thing…sigh

Now look at this listing.

Great Amazon Bundle Example

Which set do you imagine that someone would prefer to receive as a Valentine’s Day gift?  If it was me, then I would prefer #2.  

What Makes A Good Bundle Listing?

The items all go well together

The items that this seller has included in this Amazon bundle are ones that buyers would normally pick up together naturally.  By creating the bundle, the seller has saved the buyer some steps and they don’t have to try and put together their own pieces.

The item is nicely packaged

We can see in this listing that the seller has gone the extra mile and the gift set is going to be delivered in a gift set.  The items won’t arrive in just a plain old box or poly bag.  A+

The image is professional

The background of this image is pure white like it is supposed to be.  Not only that, you can easily see everything that is included in the bundle and it is very visually appealing.

Extra Effort Means Extra Reward When It Comes To Bundles

You know what else is really great about this Amazon bundle?  No other seller is going to be able to replicate it!  This means that the seller who went through the full process of researching and creating this listing will get the full benefits of it.  The only way another seller could get on this listing is if they had every single item, including packaging.  Not too likely, in my opinion.

How Can I Learn More About Selling Bundles?

So now you are probably wondering, how do I make awesome Amazon bundle listings, instead of lame ones?  Right?  Well, if so, you are in luck.  Debra Conrad is getting ready to start her Spring Bundle Mastermind and you can jump in and be creating your own awesome Valentine’s Day bundles.  I have a coupon code just for you to get $50 off!  Coupon code: SPRING50

Bundle Coaching Group For Amazon FBA Sellers

In this session of the mastermind, Debra will be covering Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter and Mother’s Day.  These are all season that have huge potential with bundles on Amazon.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!  

If creating bundles is something that interests you, then make sure to check out the Spring Bundle Mastermind.  It officially started on January 4th.  But they are just getting started and if you get in within the next couple of days you won’t have much catching up to do.  If you miss out on this session, the next one isn’t until after May 🙁  

Here are three of my favorite things about this bundle coaching

  1. One on one access to Debra through messaging to help you with your bundles.
  2. #Learn Posts - where Debra shares with the group current bundle listings on Amazon and critiques them.
  3. Marketing Tips that will help you know how exactly to get that new bundle listing selling.

If you are not yet selling bundles on Amazon, I highly recommend that you do some bundle research.  This is a really awesome way to stand out on Amazon.  

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