Courses & Trainings From The Selling Family

This is a list of all the current trainings we offer, here at  Whether you are just starting your Amazon business or growing it, we've got something for everyone.  

We've also got a few courses to help if you want to blog for income!  Enjoy.

How To Start An Amazon FBA Business

The Amazon Boot Camp: This is the Go To course for starting an Amazon FBA business.  We will walk you step-by-step through the entire process so that you can build your business on a solid foundation.  Comes with an amazing support community and the most up to date training you will find for starting a retail arbitrage business!

Sourcing Strategies To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

Liquidation Gold: Liquidation is the secret behind how we quickly scaled a 6 figure Amazon business with very little investment capital.  Stores often get rid of their overstock to surplus stores and we find those outlets and cash in!  Often we buy products for well below retail value, leaving very high profit margins.  See how we do it in this ebook.

Grocery Goldmine: Grocery Goldmine will show you how to source groceries from regular grocery stores that you are already going to every day (or however often you shop).  This is a great strategy for finding replenishable items!  Need to be approved in the grocery category prior to utilizing this strategy.  See how we do it in this ebook.

ABC's of Online Sourcing: Adding a second way to source products is a great way to add more inventory and grow your FBA business. If shopping at big box stores is your least favorite part of this business, skip the crowds and do most of your shopping online. This video course is set up in easy to follow modules and I’ll walk you through each step of the way, pointing out pitfalls and sharing my best tricks of the trade.

amazon fba training

Online Finds Lists:  Tired of spending hours and hours looking for profitable items to resell online?  We've trained a team of virtual assistants who scour the web to find profitable products that can be sold on Amazon.  With our shared VA program, you can get access to 8+ product leads per day so you can get your online sourcing game sped up!

Back To School Profits Course: Don't let summer slow down your Amazon business!  Families are spending almost as much on Back To School as they do for the Christmas Holiday.  Don't miss out on the opportunity that the going back to school season provides Amazon sellers.  We show you how to know which trends to follow, and make sure you know what kids are looking for, even if you don't have kids going back to school in your own household.

Amazon Seller Q4 Training

Q4 Profits Strategy Guide:  If you’re ready to take home your share of the profit pie and learn how to take advantage of the Online Christmas Shopping Frenzy then this guide is for you. We’ll keep this short and sweet and let you get right to work. If you’ve been at a mall or seen the UPS packages delivered to your neighbors’ houses in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you know there’s a whole lot of shopping going on during the 4th Quarter.  This course is made up of a downloadable ebook and videos.

Running Your Amazon Business

Amazon Seller Account Reimbursements Training

Amazon Seller Account Reimbursements Training:  Amazon more than likely owes you money for products that have been sent into FBA and then lost or damaged in the process.   In this course I will walk you through the process of checking out the many ways you can find “lost” monies in the Amazon warehouse!

profitable product pages

Profitable Product Pages: Have you ever listed a product on Amazon and then had it just sit there, no sales, nothing?  I mean, it’s supposed to be like “If you build it they will come”…Right?!?  Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty common.  But the thing is, it’s not your fault.  Most of us have just never been taught what goes into making a product page for Amazon that actually sells!  This course will walk you through the process of creating an awesome product page.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Course

Go Daddy Bookkeeping Tutorial:  In this course I walk you through the process of setting up and using the Go Daddy Bookkeeping accounting software to keep records for your Amazon FBA business.

How To Merchant Fulfill On Amazon

How To Merchant Fulfill On Amazon:  In this course I will walk you through the process of setting up your shipping templates, listing your items merchant fulfilled and sending out your orders once they sell!

How To Correctly Price Your Products For Amazon

Pricing Strategies For Amazon In this live training I shared the different strategies we utilize for making sure we have the best pricing to be selling our items on Amazon.  There are different ways to approach pricing depending on if Amazon is a seller, there are other FBA sellers or if there are no sellers at all.  Grab this recording to know what to do in any pricing situation and make sure you are always getting the highest price!

revROI Chrome Extension

revROI Chrome Extension: This must-have extension lets you see which cashback providers are providing the highest amount of cash back — on one screen. No more clicking around to compare.
Now you can easily see which CashBack providers (Ebates, Swagbucks, Mr.Rebates, etc) are offering the highest amount of cashback right now. With just a click of a button, you will see all of the cash back sites on an easy to read graph.  You will also see if there are any coupon codes available to use or, any discount gift cards you could purchase to lower the cost of your purchase even further.  Cash Back sites are a great way to add a higher profit margin to your online sourcing and this chrome extension makes it all so much easier!

Online Sourcing Bookmark Folder

Online Sourcing Bookmark Folder: We have an awesome tool you can use that will easily add over 150 recommended online sourcing sites to your Chrome Bookmark Bar.  It includes all of the stores shown in the picture, plus more!  You will never again be wondering where to source from.  You can have this installed and available for you to use in less than 5 minutes!  This tool will add a folder to your browser bar, where you can click the folder and make a selection from any of the over 150 stores that are good for online sourcing.  

Blogging For Income

30 Day Website Building Challenge

The 30 Day Website Building Challenge:  Have you been wanting to start your own blog?  I've got a very easy to follow, step-by-step course just for you!  In the 30 Day Website Building Challenge, I will take you through the whole process of setting up a brand new blog where you can share your passion with the world.  You can go through day by day in bite size chunks, or sit down and binge it all next weekend.  It's up to you.

The Bloggers Guide To Rocking The Amazon Affiliate Program: You can master the Amazon Affiliate Program and earn thousands of dollars in passive income a year!
I will walk you through the whole process step-by-step, sharing the things I have learned over the past 3 years as an Amazon affiliate.

Our Most Used Supplies:

Scotty Peelers

These are my most used tools!  I love the metal ones.  They are sharp and take some getting used to, but I can’t live without them!

Shipping Scale

This scale has both plugin option and battery. There is a movable display so that you can see the weight of your box, while it is still on the scale.

Box Resizer

This makes a box that is too big, the perfect size!  You can easily cut down the edges so it fits right on top of your product.  Saves money on packing filler too.

Bundle Stickers

These stickers let Amazon know not to separate your bundled items.

Self Sealing Poly Bags

A good assortment of poly bags keeps you ready for any bundle/multipack needs!

USB Scanner

Makes inputting your UPC codes faster.  I lived without one of these until just recently.  It does make it faster for sure.

Dymo Printer

This saves ink because it is thermal and print item labels on demand, instead of waiting until the end of the shipment to do it.

Dymo Labels

Strong adhesive and water resistant labels perfect for your Dymo printer!

Laser Printer

It prints everything so quickly, I save money because I am no longer buying ink every couple of weeks.

Bluetooth Scanner

Save time scanning using a bluetooth scanner!

Address Labels

These are what you use to identify your items to Amazon and cover the bar codes on your items.