Cliff & Jessica August 2014 (23)Hello Amazon Seller!

This is a list of tools that we use in our business everyday.  We love to use tools that help make our business more efficient.  

Our Most Used Tools:

Scotty Peelers

These are my most used tools!  I love the metal ones.  They are sharp and take some getting used to, but I can’t live without them!

Shipping Scale

This scale has both plugin option and battery. There is a movable display so that you can see the weight of your box, while it is still on the scale.

Box Resizer

This makes a box that is too big, the perfect size!  You can easily cut down the edges so it fits right on top of your product.  Saves money on packing filler too.

Bundle Stickers

These stickers let Amazon know not to separate your bundled items.

Self Sealing Poly Bags

A good assortment of poly bags keeps you ready for any bundle/multipack needs!

USB Scanner

Makes inputting your UPC codes faster.  I lived without one of these until just recently.  It does make it faster for sure.

Dymo Printer

This saves ink because it is thermal and print item labels on demand, instead of waiting until the end of the shipment to do it.

Dymo Labels

Strong adhesive and water resistant labels perfect for your Dymo printer!

Laser Printer

It prints everything so quickly, I save money because I am no longer buying ink every couple of weeks.

Address Labels

These are what you use to identify your items to Amazon and cover the bar codes on your items.

Bluetooth Scanner

Save time scanning using a bluetooth scanner!