Daily Online Sourcing Product Finds Service

Shared VA List From The Selling Family Example

Looking For Products You Can Buy Online And Resell On Amazon?

Everyday Amazon sellers just like yourself come to the point where they realize they need MORE inventory but don’t want to spend MORE time looking through tons of possible products!  

It's Time To Start Working Smarter & Not Harder!Sourcing For Products Online To Resell On Amazon

As you may know, we believe in outsourcing here at!  We outsource all kinds of things.  Such as bookkeeping, packing and shipping during the holidays, sourcing in stores, housekeeping and car maintenance.  You didn’t think we changed our own oil did you?

There’s another thing we outsource as well, this was a key factor in us not doing much in store sourcing over the summer this year.  We have virtual assistants who find profitable products online for us, using major retailers, that we can buy and then resell on

Everyday, we receive a list of products that we check out and decide what works for our business model.  We place the orders, a few days later the products arrive at our house and then Cliff ships them out to Amazon.

You Can Have Product Finds Sent Directly To You Every Weekday…Josie Thoughts On The Shared VA Program

Now here’s the good news!  

We are sharing our team of virtual assistants with you. 

Every weekday (Monday - Friday) our assistants will find you a list of at least 8 products that have been found online and can be purchased and resold on

You will share the list of finds with a total of 50 members.

Finally, This Is The EASY Button You've Been Looking For

You've been looking for that illusive EASY Button for your Amazon business, and this is it!

With our affordable list of daily product finds, you are able to source more products in less time.

Here's What You Can Expect:

Features Of Our Lists

  • 8+ Product Leads Per Day
  • Lists Sent Directly To Your Email Every Monday
  • Product Lists Are Easy To Access Online Via Google Drive
  • Small List Distribution With Just 50 People Per Group
  • Lists Updated Daily By 12:30 PM PST
  • Links Stored In Our Members Area So You Can Check At Any Time
  • Hours Of Research Time Saved DAILY By Having Our VA's Do The Hard Part

Features Of The Product Finds:

  • Low Ranks So You Know Items Will Move Quickly
  • Margins 50% Or Higher Giving You Plenty Of Room For Profit
  • All Items Available For Immediate Shipping - Stock Checked Minutes Before Sending
  • Free Shipping Codes Added When Available To Save You Shipping Costs
  • Available Coupon Codes Added When Available To Add $ To Your Bottom Line
  • You Pay Less Than $1/Find So There Is No Pressure To Buy Every Item

What Makes Our Service Better Than The Rest?


The Strictest Criteria In The Industry!

The ‘industry standard' for product finds lists is to have tiny margins and crazy high ranks.  You won't find that with our lists.  We keep the profit margins at 50% ROI minimum and ranks at 150,000 maximum.

Low Membership Caps

Many product finds lists are shared with hundreds of members.  We keep our groups capped at 50 members.  We know not every member will buy each item, so it keeps the competition at bay.

Checked For Sellability

We check to make sure the products are not restricted on Amazon (in our account, this does vary by seller).  We also double check to make sure there is ample stock available for our members to purchase.

Example of product finds shared by the selling family sourcing list

Here's How It Works:

Choose The Group You Want To Join

We currently have 2 group options: #1 & #2.  Each group is given different finds every day.  Some members like to participate in both groups so that they get 16 different finds every day.  

Access Your Finds SpreadsheetExample of product shared on VA list

Immediately after purchase, you can access the groups spreadsheet from within the members area.  The spreadsheet is hosted on Google Drive.  

We will email you weekly with a new spreadsheet link.  The finds are added to that spreadsheet daily by 12:30 pm PST, so you can easily access them and make your selections.

Select The Products That Meet Your Criteria

When we add products to the spreadsheet, it means they met our pre-checks.  You will need to verify the correctness of each item and make sure that it meets your personal criteria.  We recommend making sure that you are approved to sell each of the products before making a purchase.  We check them in our own seller account, but restrictions are not across the board for all sellers.  So just because we can sell it doesn't always mean that you can as well.

The Types Of Items We IncludeExample of product shared on VA list

We only use products from ‘open' categories.  If you have to apply to sell in it, we don't include them in our daily lists.

For most categories, we require the ranks to be under 150,000, but for the slower moving categories we use much lower guidelines.

The ROI on the item must be at least 50% to be included in our list.

The net profit on the items must be at least $5.00 to qualify.

Important Things To Know When You Join

We do not include the cost of shipping to you for the purchases, because this cost varies from buyer to buyer.

We include any coupon codes that we are aware of in the calculations for ROI and will give you the code to use.

Sometimes coupon codes require a certain credit card (ie. Kohls), if you don't have the card, the specific find may not be profitable.

Let's hear from a few people who have used this service and see what they have to say.

I've been very happy over all with the lists. I am really glad I was able to get this service! Even if I don't purchase all of the items, I often find other items from the websites listed. This has opened up many other opportunities to buy besides just the ones on the VA list.

Megan Ramirez

The items were varied and tended to broaden my ideas of things to source.

Mary Amato

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Amazon. Is this program for me?
This system is designed with the current seller in mind. If you are truly a beginner, we offer our Amazon Boot Camp, which is designed to help new sellers lay a strong foundation for their Amazon career, and take you from starting point to landing sales and making money.  In this course we will show you the skills needed for Online Sourcing.  Once you are established then we are ready to send you profitable leads!    
Do We Have Direct Access To The VA's?
Great Question!  We have actually done all of the needed work for you, so you don't need to have contact with the VA's yourself.  If you ever have concerns with products on the list, we welcome them and use the feedback to better train the assistants.  
How Fast Will The Items From The List Move Once Sent To Amazon?
This will vary item by item.  Some items will appeal to more sellers on the list and will end up with more competition than others.  We always recommend spreading your risk amongst many items and never going “too deep” on items from the product lists.  You will also find that many items sell really quickly and even have the potential to be “replenishable”    
Will this work for international sellers?
Our lists are made with US based sellers in mind.  If you are set up with a processing service here in the US it should work for you as well.  
Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Due to the type of service this is, we do not offer a money back guarantee.

How Long Do I have To Stay A Member?
There is no requirement for how long you need to be a member.  The service runs on a month to month basis and you can cancel at any time.  You simply cancel the recurring payment within Paypal and the lists will stop coming at the end of your subscription period.