Cliff & Jessica August 2014 (23)Hello Entrepreneur!

Did you know people think we rock?  If not, don’t take our word for it!  Let us share with you some of the cool notes we have received from people just like yourself.  One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you have impacted someones life in a positive way.  We love hearing from people we have worked with in to know how things are going down the line.  Here are some of the reviews we have received recently.

~ The Selling Family

On Living A Lifestyle Business

Cliff and Jessica are the epitome of “internet lifestyle business!” They have molded their lives to enable them to spend every day with their son while also having the flexibility to go on vacations and/or day trips as they see fit! Jessica and Cliff are real world examples of the “American Dream” and luckily for you they are willing to share their secrets with you! I couldn’t endorse them more highly!

Rob Anderson

Dollar Moves

Jessica and Cliff live the exact lifestyle I saw my self living being a Stay At Home dad. With their help I have been able to achieve my goals with Amazon and Info products. My life revolves around my family not my work for the first time in my life and I owe it all to their teachings. The best part is I can make a comfortable living and not sacrifice family time. I am truly thankful!

Matt Carlett

On Starting An Amazon Business

I just wanted to send you a quick Thank You! I heard your interview on SPI and was very intrigued and impressed on how you built your business. We were on a cruise so I was catching up on my podcasts and that day my mom Holly Paolino was like “What is this stupid Podcast thing?” So I let her listen and she had a spark lit. We got of the boat and she was off and running. She bought all of your classes and necessary tools to make FBA a reality. I’m not sure if she is at break even yet, I’m sure my dad could tell you, but she is already seeing checks come in we are all super psyched for her. She has also really found the community you have built very supportive and helpful. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Matt Walker Paolino

Thanks Jessica and Cliff!

You have provided me and my family a business we can do on the side while we both have full time jobs. We might not have those big numbers other boot campers have but I know we are on our way. This is a business that we can see doing for as long as we can.

The guidance you are giving us is amazing plus the ABC group we now belong though an online community feels very much like a family now. A family of like minded inviduals helping each other to succeed. That is priceless for us!

If you want to know how to start selling on amazon this is the group for you. It’s not just a group, for us it’s a family.

Sharon Rose Araneta

On Training Received

I just wanted to drop you a note about the 4th quarter class I am attending. Every day your and Beth’s name come up numerous times during the day. I am always saying “Jessica said…” and then feel a little like a groupie! But my husband Leo and I are learning so much from you and Beth. I can tell our buying abilities have really improved. Last night we checked all of the colors of a Cabbage Patch doll before finding the best for our business. I never dreamed it could make such a difference in rank. Tonight I downloaded Inventory Lab and am confident that will improve our ability to see the bigger picture more clearly.

Leo and I are really enjoying this new element in our lives. It is exciting! I appreciate the care, respect and willingness to help others you and Beth show in your video. It speaks volumes of your character. You have made a difference in our life.

Forever your groupie!

Penny & Leo

Thank you for offering the Amazon Boot Camp. I started selling on FBA using the tutorials from Amazon, which were good, but it was hard for me to navigate through them to find out what information was most pertinent to my new business. I decided to invest in Jessica and Cliff’s boot camp and immediately knew it was for me. From helping set up the app on my phone to having “assignments” that helped me understand sourcing, this class gave me the information that best helped me start out and increase sales each month. The Boot Camp Facebook page alone has been worth every penny I invested in this class. My ROI (Return On Investment) for this class was about 2 weeks, so the value has more than paid for itself. Thanks, Jessica and Cliff – continued success in your business, too!

John Peterson

I highly recommend the “Back to School” webinar by Jessica and Beth. The material is well organized and insightful. I especially like the bundling ideas and the suggestion to consider signing up for FBA Global Export for additional sales opportunities. The webinar examples provided are real world and include strategies that can be implemented by even the most novice FBA seller. Very well done!

Alan Drake

I can’t say enough about Jessica Larrew, her products and her team. (I have purchased several of her products, all excellent and loaded with useful information). The Amazon Boot Camp takes you step by step through the entire process of setting up and running your own Amazon business. Just to give you a bit of my background, I had been selling Media Products on Amazon for more than a year, when I decided to take this course. Even though this course is for beginners, I decided to “pull the trigger” anyway. The reason? I still had so many unanswered questions and holes in my own knowledge about this business. The Amazon Boot Camp answered all of those questions and more. What I like about Jessica’s course over others is that she lays everything out in a logical, sequential, and organized manner. No stone is left unturned. She covers it all and makes it clear and easy to understand. Also, Jessica keeps adding new videos and training to the course materials to keep us updated. Questions are always answered and she and her team of pro’s are a positive and inspiring group. Jessica really cares about your success and is a fantastic mentor. The Amazon Boot Camp is well-worth your time and money. I highly recommend it!

Donna Rod