Tired Of Creating Amazon Product Pages That Suck?

In typical ‘The Selling Family' fashion, we created a video course 

where we show you exactly how to create Profitable Product Pages for Amazon!

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“If you spend money on the products, you should put the effort into creating pages that will be found!

- Jessica & Cliff Larrew

You Found An Awesome Item, But It's Not Listed On Amazon…Now What?

Why Are Amazon Listings So Confusing?Have you ever listed a product on Amazon and then had it just sit there, no sales, nothing?  I mean, it's supposed to be like “If you build it they will come”…Right?!?  Don't worry, it's actually pretty common.  But the thing is, it's not your fault.  Most of us have just never been taught what goes into making a product page for Amazon that actually sells!  

There are 8 elements to a product page that I have found to be the most important.  Many times when sellers are creating pages on Amazon, they are only focused on 1-2 of these elements.  And even then, they don't truly understand how to make them perform the best.

I feel like we get stuck in the mindset of a seller, and focus only on the things that we think will make people buy.  If you can just make that simple switch and get into the buyer mindset you will automatically start making better product pages.

If you are ready to start making the best product pages you can, then continue on.  I want to take you on the journey of creating Profitable Product Pages so your efforts do not go to waste.

Jessica Larrew and The Selling Family do it again! The “Profitable Product Pages” course is essential to any successful Amazon seller. I am now set up with the tools necessary to make creative Amazon listings for single products, bundles, and variations. I had been creating my own pages, but I didn't understand the major importance of keywords for Amazon or how they showed up in Google searches. She also gives great advice on how to create and/or improve images. I'm really excited about what I learned and can't wait to apply it to my new listings. I am going also going to go back to my previous listings that I made to make them more robust.

Courtney Copeland

So, Why IS Creating Amazon Product Pages So Difficult?!?

If you have ever tried to create a product page on Amazon, then I'm sure you have experienced the overwhelm that comes with all of those blank boxes staring back at you.  There are so many fields available and the wording is confusing.  How can you possibly know exactly what to put where?

Add A Product Page 1

Looking at that image, do you know what to put where?  What can you skip?  How will these fields benefit your listing or not?

In this video course, I walk you through the full process of filling out the important information in each of these tabs.  I'll let you know which ones are must fill out, and which ones you can leave blank.  

Knowing The Importance Behind Key Elements Of Product Pages

There are currently four different types of listings on Amazon.  In the first lesson of this course I will go over what each of them are and how they impact your need to create listings.  

We cover:

  • Single Unit Listings
  • Multi Pack Listings
  • Variation Listings
  • Bundle Listings

These Are The REASONS Product Pages Sell

The next thing we cover are the 8 Key Elements on Amazon product pages that really factor in to how well your product page does.  

Some of the elements are well known, but not well implemented.  

Product Title

When it comes to your product title, it is important for much more than just search results.  There is no reason to create awful product titles like this:


OMG, overwhelming, right? I will show you how to keep your title short & sweet while still benefiting from important keywords. 


Are your product images telling the buyer “This was put together in my basement” or do they say “I come from a professional seller”.  

This type of image is unacceptable for an Amazon listing:

Bad Image For Amazon Listing

I will show you how you can DIY your own images and have them look 10x better than this one, or a cheap way to get totally professional images!

Product Features

We've all seen those pages that have just one or two bullet points.  They just tell you what you get in the product and that's it.  I've actually done this too.  I didn't always understand this stuff!  Have you seen my first listings?  This isn't mine, but here's a bad example:

Product Page On Amazon Without Details In The Bullet Points

This is the place you can sell your product to the customer!  I'll help you do that.

Product Description

You have a bunch of space here to really expand on the way a buyer will feel when they purchase your product.  Why leave it blank?

And More!

There are four more areas of your product page that are important.  I will go over each of these 8 in a lot more detail.  Next time you go to create a product page you will be bursting with ideas, instead of just staring at blank fields.

It's Time To Be Proud Of Your Amazon Product Pages

If you are tired of not bringing new products to Amazon because you are afraid your pages will look like the examples above.  Or you are guilty (I am too) of creating those pages.  Then it's time to step up your game and start creating Profitable Product Pages!  

Jessica has done it once again! This course was so easy to follow, I absolutely love how thorough she is with each element for creating profitable product pages. Naturally, I am a visual learner and prefer detailed content with a lot of examples. I am never disappointed when it comes to The Selling Family courses.

In the past, I created one bundle to sell and embarrassingly enough, none of them sold! After taking the profitable product pages course, I was able to see what mistakes I had made in my previous listing and now I'm ready to tackle my next bundle with a lot more confidence and knowledge. The awesome printable worksheets really helped me see just how easy it was to create a profitable product page.


 What's Included With This Training?

Understanding Profitable Product Pages On Amazon  creating profitable product pages video walkthrough Creating_Profitable_Product_Pages_On_Amazon_Course_-_The_Selling_Family

5 Easy To Follow Step By Step Videos

This course is broken up into 5 easy to follow videos that will take you step by step through the full process of creating profitable product pages on Amazon.  

  1. Breaking down amazon listings to find the key elements of what makes a page more profitable than another one
  2. Using our exclusive worksheets to make inputting your listings into Amazon a breeze
  3. How to edit your images so they look professional and present your items as top quality
  4. Step by step walkthrough of adding your product page to Amazon.  You will know exactly what you need and don't need to include on your pages.
  5. Doing the final (often forgotten) steps to make sure all of your work will pay off


TitleWorksheetBlank_pdf__1_page___6_documents__6_total_pages_  BulletPointsWorksheetBlank_pdf__1_page___6_documents__6_total_pages_  Product Description KeywordWorksheetBlank__dragged__pdf__1_page___6_documents__6_total_pages_   

4 Easy To Use Worksheets

I have created 4 worksheets that you can print out and use every-time you are getting ready to create a listing.  If you fill these out prior to getting started on the product page in seller central it will make your listing a breeze to fill out.  

These worksheets help you brainstorm:

  1. The Perfect Product Title That Is Short And Sweet
  2. Bullet Points That Are Feature Rich And Compelling
  3. Product Descriptions That Make Your Buyer Feel Like This Is What They Need
  4. The Right Keywords So The RIGHT Buyers Are Finding Your Listings

Easy to follow and implement Creating Profitable Product Pages Course by Jessica Larrew is a great way to spend 2 hours if you’re seeking to fill in any gaps on when and how to create profitable listings on Amazon. Jessica takes you A-Z in her 5 video lessons and even includes the worksheets you can use for yourself or your clients each time you create new listings. Loved the training thanks Jessica!

Sharon Ann Irwin

I am very new to amazon. I have only been selling for about 2 months. This is a great simple way for a new user (or anyone) to learn to create product pages. Also, it gives great tips and insight to create a professional page.

The worksheets get you fully prepared so that once you are on seller central its just plugging in the information and start selling!

Crystal Phipps

Jessica, you did it again. You have the heart of a teacher and are so willing to share what you have learned the ‘Hard Way”. As one who has made a few of the “bad” listings, I wish that I had known the information in this course before I had made those bad listings. Now I know what is really suppose to be in all those boxes and now have more confidence to make more listings, from which before I stayed away from.

Carrie Maderer

Who's Behind The Profitable Products Pages Training?

Jessica Larrew

Jessica Larrew


I am the creator of the Profitable Products Pages video course.  I love to create my own listings on Amazon and more importantly, love to help OTHERS create awesome product pages.  With so many listings on Amazon it is important to make sure that your listing stands out and I'm here to help you do that!

More about me… I started selling on Amazon after getting laid off from my job and was able to replace my income, and then my husbands income as well.  He left his corporate job to sell on Amazon with me.  Our first full year we had almost $300,000 in sales and profited over $100,000.  We have built our business in a way that we are able to work VERY part time while still bringing in a full time income. My goal is for others to experience the same financial freedom that we have found, by having our Amazon business.  I would love to partner up with you and get you into business for yourself!