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Below you will find a list of all of the courses that are being offered exclusively to The Selling Family community members at a discounted rate!

From July 1st - midnight PST July 8th you can grab any (or all) of these courses for 50% off the normal selling price.

You just need to click through the (affiliate) links below, and use any provided coupon codes.

We have asked our most trusted partners to participate in our sale this year with us, and are so excited with the awesome courses we were able to bring your way.

Sourcing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Trade Shows For Amazon FBA Sellers

In this course, Adrienne takes Amazon sellers through the process of using tradeshows to get wholesale accounts and find profitable products to sell on Amazon.  

This course includes everything you need to know about:

  • Attending Trade shows
  • Preparing for Trade shows
  • Things To Do At Trade show
  • What Data Do I Need To Gather
  • Homework After Attending The Trade show
  • Checklists
  • Trade show Directories
  • Extra Resources 

This course is normally $49.99, but you can grab it right now for just $24.99 using coupon code: TSF50

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Outsourcing Sourcing

In this course, Ryan shares how he has been able to have friends and family source and ship products directly to Amazon without his direct involvement.  Want to grow your Amazon business, without increasing your own hours?  Or have friends and family who want to get paid to work, and not run their own business?  This is a great resource to help you outsource your sourcing!

This course is normally $39.99, but you can grab it right now for just $19.99 using coupon code: JULY50

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Flea Market Flipper University

In this course, Rob shares how you can find used and new products from yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets to then resell on places like eBay and Craigslist.  This is a great addition for someone who is selling on Amazon and often passes up great items, because they are not brand new.  Rob and his wife Melissa made over $133,000 in 2016 flipping items!

Buying and selling used / like new items on eBay is how I (Jessica, from The Selling Family) started my online selling career and think it is a great starting place for people wanting a side hustle.

This course is normally $189, but you can grab it right now for just $94.50 using coupon code: TSF

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The Sourcers Apprentice Ebook

Could selling used books on Amazon be profitable?  Absolutely!  And in this book you will learn exactly what to look for and how to know if a book is worth grabbing or not.

Books are often overlooked and ignored by sellers because there are just so many to choose from.  You know, when you walk into a thrift store, they’ve got walls and walls filled with books.

That’s why you need this guide, so you know exactly what parts to pay attention to, and what to pass over!

You will learn:

  • What type of books to look for
  • What type of books to walk away from!
  • How some books become valuable, while similar ones don’t
  • Where to find the best sources for books, including a strategy that starts right in your own home!
  • How to price your books on Amazon
  • The psychology behind pricing strategies
  • ONE TIP that will make your phone ring with people offering you books to sell!
  • Online and mobile tools to help your sourcing
  • And much more!

This course is normally $17, but you can grab it right now for just $8.50 using coupon code: july50

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Bundle Basics And Advanced Strategies

Are you sick and tired of having multiple sellers come on the products you just sent into Amazon?  One way to beat the “sharing the buy box blues” is to create listings that are much harder for sellers to hop onto.  This can be done by creating unique bundles and selling them on Amazon.

We aren’t talking about just simply having a listing for “shampoo and conditioner” together.

In this guide, Debra shares with you just how to come up with bundle ideas that people are actually looking for and would be excited to purchase.  Things that make life easier for the buyer!

This course is normally $67, but you can grab it right now for just $33.50 using this link.  No coupon code needed.

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Running & Maintaining Your Amazon Business

AmaSuite Tools For Private Label Sellers

Finding products to Private Label can be a daunting process…And, what if you already have products, but don’t know how to make sure that buyers find them?  

This is where AmaSuite comes in! 

You can use this suite of 5 tools to help you narrow down product ideas, keywords, research on AliExpress, search Amazon reviews and more…

Plus, this comes with a great starter Private Label course for FREE!

These tools are normally $297, but you can grab them right now for a one time fee of just $147.50 using this link.  No coupon code needed!

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The Complete Guide To Amazon Reimbursements

Are you receiving every reimbursement you deserve? Looking for a step by step process on every possible way to make sure you are obtaining every reimbursement you deserve?

In this ebook you will see 10 different ways to request reimbursements from Amazon from everything like damaged products, to customer returns.  

This guide is normally $49.99, but you can grab it right now for just $24.50 with coupon code: JULY50

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Listing Lab - Know WHAT To Test and HOW To Test

If you are a private label seller (or anyone creating YOUR OWN LISTINGS), this one is for you!

After you get your Amazon listing up and running, and your inventory is in place, what comes next? For most people — nothing. But selling on Amazon is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. Reaching optimal rankings and conversions requires that you continually tweak, test, and evaluate. That’s where most sellers completely freeze up.

The Listing Lab will give you 2 things to test every single month, to make sure that your product pages are doing the absolute best they can be!

This membership is normally $28.00 a month, but you can get your first month for just $13.00 with coupon code: LAB13

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Must Have Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions - By Jordan Malik

Jordan has shared 3 of his awesome chrome extensions with our readers for this sale.

We’ve got:

Cleer Platinum where you can easily compare online prices from retailers and  Normally $97 … Now $43.50 with coupon code JULY50

Check Permission that will show you if you are eligible to sell products on Amazon, directly on the product page!  No more logging in to check.  Normally $39.99 … Now $19.99 with coupon code JULY50

Intellizon lets you “legally” spy on your competitors.  You can find similar stores and see what they are selling, and use the information to find new product ideas.  Normally $39.99 … Now $19.99 with coupon code JULY50

You can easily see all three of these tools right here and decide which one(s) are right for you!   Coupon code for all is JULY50

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Multiple Income Streams

Planner Design Lab

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to design your own custom planners?  

Kristen Joy has been selling her own awesome planners for years, and has many students creating beautiful planners that sell on Amazon.

In this course, Kristen will walk you through the entire process of coming up with, designing and selling your own printed planners.

Now you can have the PERFECT planner for your own use, and to share with the world, while getting paid for them…

This course is normally $147, but you can get it right now for just $73.50 with coupon code: JULY50

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