The Selling Family Presents:

Hey Amazon Seller!

Do you ever wonder what other Amazon sellers are actually buying to resell in their own Amazon businesses?

Now is your chance!

BOLO Mart is your opportunity to mastermind with other Amazon sellers who are sourcing using retail arbitrage.

Every month each member shares at least one of their personal finds with the group.  This gives everyone an opportunity to get an inside look at what is selling on Amazon and where they are purchased from.

Plus, members of The Selling Family team will be sharing finds weekly as well!

What Is A BOLO And Why Should You Care?

Great question!

BOLO stands for Be On the Look Out.  In the Amazon world, we reference a BOLO when we find a product that is worth keeping your eyes open to when out sourcing.

In the group, I may say:  “Hey guys, I just found this Kitchen play set from Target for $10 on clearance and it is selling for $50 on Amazon.  The rank is 85,000!  Make sure to look for it when you are at Target.”

You could then add that kitchen play set to your list of things to look for the next time you are at Target.  This may also open your eyes to other products that are on clearance or similar type.  But you may not have even thought about it if someone hadn't shared it initially.

By joining BoloMart and masterminding with the other Amazon sellers in the group, you are able to benefit from having 100's of other sellers ‘on your team'.

How BoloMart Got Started

BoloMart was founded by Eleanor Marks Prior in 2014.  Eleanor started BoloMart because so many people were curious about what she was actually selling on Amazon, so she started sharing all of her finds inside of a private Facebook Group.

Eleanor is a strong believer in the abundance mindset and believes that there are plenty of products to be sold on Amazon, so why not share them with each other?  Living in an area where she couldn't possibly find all of the profitable items herself, this was the perfect fit.

Over the years the group has transformed into a community of like-minded Amazon sellers who are supportive of each other and learn from the experience of the other members.

In 2018 BoloMart joined forces with The Selling Family to make it an even better program!

We are so excited to be working with Eleanor and be able to bring this opportunity to you today.

Benefits Of Joining BoloMart

As a member of BoloMart, you have access to a plethora of product finds per month and a community of like-minded sellers who you can go to for support in your Amazon business.

  • Each member shares at least 1 find per month essentially creating a database of finds that is equal to or greater than the number of members in the group
  • All finds for the month are compiled into a shared spreadsheet where you can easily access the finds on the go
  • Monthly member rewards for the “best” BOLOs
  • New product listings created for and shared with the community so you get first access to hot item listings
  • New bundle listings created for and shared with the group
  • A community of sellers that you can mastermind with
  • And so much more

Some Recent Posts Shared In BoloMart

Posts like these are what can really increase your productivity while you are out sourcing!  It really opens your eyes to new opportunities and possibilities.

But…Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

I love BoloMart for so many reasons… Obviously, the Bolos are the main draw, but I really enjoy the Facebook group search option, so when I'm in a retail store, I can search that store's name in the group search bar and find all the recent Bolo's for that specific store. Plus, there are BOLOs for almost all the major categories, so if someone is restricted in one category, there are plenty of BOLOs for other categories to well make up for it. In December alone, I was able to cover the cost of an entire year of BoloMart from only 2 Bolos posted in the group. That's an amazing ROI!

Stephen Smotherman

Eleanor's BoloMart group is a great source for retail arbitrage products shared by Eleanor and the other supportive group members! If you are looking for a great place to find new profitable product ideas and bundle possibilities (with awesome group support) this is the place!

Rob Anderson

I LOVE BoloMart!! Through the BOLOs posted in this group by Eleanor and other members, I have learned to think out-of-the-box while sourcing. The tips in this group have helped me grow my part-time FBA business. With limited sourcing time, BoloMart is a must have for me and worth every penny.

Judy L

So, How Does This All Work?

I'm sure at this point you are saying “I'm in!  Now what?!?”

The BoloMart group is hosted in a private Facebook group, and you have access to the spreadsheet from the group and our site in the member's area.

Each month as a member you will be required to submit one find to the group to maintain an active membership.

The cost of membership is $100/month and rebills automatically on the same day of each month.

You can cancel your membership at any time if you feel like you no longer want to participate in the group, and you will be removed from the group on the last day of your billing cycle.

Due to the nature of this group and the fact that members are sharing their finds, we are not able to offer a refund for memberships.

Join Now


After you have joined BoloMart you will receive instant access to the current month's spreadsheet and be given the link to join the private Facebook group.  You will be approved to join the group within 24 hours (usually so much faster!)