top 10 tips for shared finds listOne of the most popular ways for Amazon sellers to find products to resell on Amazon is to use some sort of a shared finds list.  This may be a BOLO Group, Mastermind Community or a Shared Virtual Assistant.

Today we are going to talk about how to best utilize a shared virtual assistant list.  Specifically the one offered by The Selling Family.  

You can see all the details of our shared list here.

Often we see people get overwhelmed or frustrated on what to actually do with the products that are found on the shared VA list.  So we wanted to combine our best tips so that you can go into any shared list with confidence for making purchases.

Top 10 Tips For Using The Selling Family Shared VA Finds List

  1. These lists of products should be used as starting points for finding profitable inventory. Our team has done the “initial” work in finding them. Meaning that they have found items that are selling for enough on Amazon to be profitable with at least a 50% ROI. They also fall into our rank guidelines that are generally 150,000 across the board, tighter in some categories.
  2. Profit is calculated based on the current buy box price and the selling price at the store. We do not take tax or shipping into consideration for the calculations as this will vary for every member.  It is important to add in any extra fees to your own calculations.
  3. We recommend using tools like the Keepa extension and the RevSeller extension to help with your pre-buying routine. With Keepa you can easily check to see how the product has sold over time. With RevSeller you can make calculations on the profit while adding in sales tax or shipping you may incur. We also have a coupon code for RevSeller that will take $20 off if you are interested in using that. The coupon code is: THESELLINGFAM
  4. Using Ebates when purchasing your items will add to your profit margin by giving you cash back on all of the purchases. If you don’t yet have Ebates you can sign up here and get a $10 gift card after using it on your first purchase.  The RevROI tool can also help you see if higher cash back is offered somewhere else.
  5. Quantities to purchase…I highly recommend only purchasing a few of any of the items you are most interested in. Remember that there are a lot of people looking at these items (depending on the group you are in) and it’s easier to sell through 2-5 than it is to sell through 20+. You can use the Jungle Scout estimator to get an idea how many of an item will sell in a month to help you guess how many you can sell.
  6. Use these lists to help you find OTHER profitable items. Often times one item can lead you to another one based on a current sale or trend happening. So if we find an item that is part of a 50% off sale, see what other items are also included in the sale.
  7. Expect the number of sellers to increase. This goes along with any list of finds that go to multiple people. Know that others will be buying these items as well and that will change how the item is long term.
  8. Start small and get comfortable with the system 🙂
  9. A finds list is not a BUY LIST. You must still do your own due diligence to make sure that the items meet your own criteria. We are just giving you a starting point. Check to see the history on the item, that the items are exact matches and that there are no restrictions on the items.
  10. Make sure to read any provided ‘Notes' on the spreadsheet.  We include if there are any coupon codes, or limitations on the offers.  Sometimes only a specific size/color will work and we notate it in this field.

There you have it 🙂  These are our Top 10 Tips for using a Shared Virtual Assistant Finds List.  

Are you currently using a list like this?  Do you have any tips to add?

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