After you have been selling on Amazon for awhile you will most likely come to a point where you need to create a product page on Amazon in order to sell an item.  Whether it is a private label product, new to market retail arbitrage product or even your own unique bundle.  These are all great examples of times when you will want to make your own listing on Amazon.  Bringing these types of product pages to Amazon can be very profitable.  But the key is you have to do them correctly.

There is nothing worse than creating a product page on Amazon and then having it just sit there!  Talk about wasted time, wasted energy and even wasted money on product that is just sitting around not selling.

Over the years that I have been selling on Amazon, I have seen some really bad listings.  Ok, truth is, I've even created some really bad ones!  I've seen (and I'm sure you have too) product pages on amazon that have keyword spammed titles, bullet points that are paragraphs long (they are called bullet POINTS), no product descriptions and even images that leave me simply confused as to what I will receive when I place the order.  

Our main goal here at The Selling Family is to make sure that you are able to succeed and be the MOST profitable possible selling on Amazon.  So, in order to get you started created profitable product pages on Amazon here are my

Top 4 Tips For Creating A Product Page On Amazon


The Best Tips For Creating Profitable Product Pages On Amazon


1.  Creating A Product Title That Answers The Important Questions

What is the first thing that you read on a product page?  The title!  This is the part of a page where someone makes the decision if they even want to continue on and see what this item has to offer.  The title should give the buyer enough information to make a sound choice on purchasing your product.  All the main details should be included.  Brand, Model, Size, Quantity, Colors, Patterns, Etc.  The key is to include the important stuff and leave out the fluff.  Keep it short and sweet.  

Don't get caught doing this:

Bad Title On Amazon Example

2.  Writing Bullet Points That Highlight The Best Parts Of Your Item

The bullet points are the second place on a listing that someone is going to read.  They should know right away after reading the bullet points if the product you are offering has what they are looking for or not.  Your bullet points should highlight the major features of your item.  We want to answer their questions before they even think of them.  This is just leading the buyer through the final process of deciding to purchase your product.

Does this make you feel like this is an awesome product to purchase?

Bad Product Features Example On Amazon

3. Product Descriptions Help The Buyer Know How They Will FEEL 

So you have gotten the buyer this far.  Now, it's time to close the deal.  Use this section to write about how the buyer will feel or what they will experience when they purchase your product.  If you have any last details that you need to share or important facts about the company or product, this is where they should go.  

4. Keywords And Search Terms Are What BRING YOU The Buyers

Keywords and Search Terms are a very misunderstood aspect of creating product listings on Amazon.  This is why we end up with spammy titles and products showing up in irrelevant searches.  Sellers are just dumping every keyword they can think of in the search terms, whether they fit or not.  Plus they think that if the title has a bunch of keywords in it, they will show up first in results.  NOT THE CASE.  

Keywords should be positioned neatly throughout your listing in appropriate places.  Your title should not have extra words just to get keywords included.  The search terms are where you get those extra keywords that are relevant to your Amazon product page.

Overall there are 8 key elements to making a profitable product page on Amazon.  If you would like step by step instructions on creating your own product listings check out our Profitable Product Pages video course. 

profitable product pages

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