Are you looking for a business opportunity that will give you the freedom to set your own hours and work how/when you want?  Without having to be on someone's downline, or selling to your friends?  Sounds like the ultimate goal, right?

I'm excited to tell you that this is exactly what I have found with selling on Amazon, using their Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program.  In today's post I am going to share with you the top 6 reasons why selling on Amazon is the best platform!  

Selling on Amazon is a great platform for building an online business.  Here are 6 reasons why!

Top 6 Reasons You Should Be Selling On Amazon FBA

1. Low start up costs

One of the biggest issues with starting any business is that you need to have money upfront.  Some businesses take tens of thousands of dollars to get started.  Well, not an Amazon business!  You can get started with VERY LITTLE cash upfront.  You can get started with items you have at home, or even source inventory from thrift stores or yard sales.  Both of these options get you in the door with very little cost. 

As far as tools go, you need a few basics to get going.  A computer, a smart phone (which you are probably reading this from), boxes, tape, printer, paper and address labels.  There are more tools you can add along the way, but to be up and running all you need are these basics and some items you want to sell.

2. The customers are ALREADY on shopping on Amazon

One of the worst things about starting a new business is trying to find customers or clients.  You know that jewelry party business where you have to invite all of your friends to buy?  So uncomfortable!  

When you sell on Amazon, the customers are already buying on Amazon.  Amazon is constantly working on brand recognition and trying to get new buyers to their platform.  

This benefits you, because all you need to do is get the products the customers want, and Amazon will handle the rest!

3. No need to build your own website

When I talk to people about starting an online business, one of the first concerns is often that they don't know how to design websites.  A website takes a lot of time and money upfront to get it looking good and ready to sell products on.  When you are selling on Amazon, you don't need to have your own website!  None of the things that go along with owning a website either!  No hosting, no SEO, no security, no email list.  Amazon already ranks close to number one for most things, so the hard part is done!

You don't even need to create your own product pages ON Amazon!  We all share pages.  The only time you would need to create a product page is if you are bringing your own products to market.  But, that's a little more advanced, and we don't even need to worry about it at this point in the game 🙂

Right out of the box, the Amazon platform is ready to go for a new seller.  

4. You can start making money FAST

By now, you should see that building a business on Amazon is a great opportunity.  But, what is the number one goal with starting a business?  Making money of course!  When you are selling on Amazon, you can start making money quick.  Often times within just a couple of weeks.  Our Amazon Boot Camp students often let us know that they had their first sales within days of getting their first shipments to the Amazon warehouses.

This could be you:

  • Day 1 - decide to start an Amazon FBA business
  • Day 2 - Find products around your home to sell
  • Day 3 - Send those products into Amazon
  • Day 8 - Amazon receives and checks in your products, and the products go live on
  • Day 8-9 - Customers buy your products
  • Day 11 - Amazon deposits money from your sale into your Amazon seller account (money is available to withdraw every 2 weeks)

Imagine that!  In less than 2 full weeks, you could have your first sales and profits waiting for you in your account!

5. Amazon handles the customer support

We provide the products, and Amazon handles almost all of the rest!  Aside from a few customer emails that slip through the system, Amazon will take care of the customer inquires.  If they have a problem with an order, or need to change their shipping address, that all goes direct to Amazon!  

When an order has been paid for and is ready to be shipped out, Amazon ships it out!  They find the right size boxes and pull the product from storage.  

When I sold on eBay in the past, this was the one area that held me down.  I couldn't grow my business to the levels I wanted while handling all of the customer support and packaging on my own!  How was I going to ship 30+ products a day?  With fulfillment by Amazon, that was no longer an issue!

6. You don't have to manufacture any products

Some people really like the idea of building a product line and marketing it.  Personally, I like to sell the products that other people have already created and marketed.  Going back to having a low start up cost, this is why we teach Retail Arbitrage in our Amazon Boot Camp course as the main way to find products.  Manufacturing a product comes with a lot of time and money.  We want you to be able to build your Amazon business, quick and efficiently.  

Why start producing your own products when there are plenty of items locally in clearance aisles, liquidation stores, thrift stores and more that are able to be resold easily!  Let the big companies do the costly things.

Get started selling on Amazon today

There is not time like today to start your Amazon FBA business!  If you are ready to jump in with both feet, let us walk you through the process in our Amazon Boot Camp course.  We have helped hundred of people just like yourself and would love to work with you too.  

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