Is there an Amazon FBA seller in your life? If so, you know just how hard they work to keep their business running smoothly.

Amazon sellers can be a little tricky to buy for. Probably because they're already deal savvy and know the ins and outs of buying things for themselves at crazy low prices.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, consider one that would make their biz life that much easier. Some Amazon sellers have a hard time buying these things for themselves when they feel like they should be buying more inventory instead.

And to any Amazon sellers reading this, it's totally ok to treat yourself to one of these gifts! A business related gift is more of an investment than a splurge! Or, if you're tight on funds, just text this link to a loved one – they'll get the hint!!

So, what does an Amazon FBA seller need other than fast internet, a laptop, and a pair of sweatpants?

We’re glad you asked. Without further ado, here are our top gift ideas for Amazon sellers!

Portable Phone Charger

There’s nothing worse than being out on an epic sourcing trip, only to have your phone die – and with it, your ability to research products. Make sure your favorite Amazon seller always has enough juice to get the job done with a portable phone charger. Comes in a variety of slick colors.


Short Charging Cable

Of course, what's the point of having all that battery life on the go if you're stuck dragging around a 6-foot charging cable?! If you want an easy handheld setup (or at least one that's purse/pocket-friendly), then grabbing a super short charging cable is the way to go. Here's a 0.5′ Micro USB cable that will allow you to top off your battery life without clutter.  Or, for you iPhone people like me, here is a short lightning cable.

short 0.5' micro USB cable

Tote Bags or Carts

Once an Amazon seller is home from a day of sourcing, they're left with a car full of bags to carry in. Even for sellers with garages, it's still a lot of work to haul in all of your inventory (especially when the 16-year-old store clerk has bagged your things 1 item per bag!!). To reduce trips to the car, consider gifting some oversized tote bags or a collapsible wheeled cart.

For someone in an apartment or with a 2nd-floor office at home, these giant bags from Ikea hold a ton of smaller plastic bags. I'm pretty sure you can get these for about $1 in stores, but that requires parking at and navigating an Ikea! Here's a 2 pack of bags that you can get sent right to your door.

Large blue shopping bag from Ikea

If there aren't any stairs to navigate, a wheeled cart is even easier than tote bags. This one collapses so that it takes up less space when not in use.

An empty cart with wheels


Selling on Amazon isn’t always about walking the aisles of retail stores. There’s a lot of online research, a lot of educational materials to read, and webinars to listen to. Sometimes, the bulk of the shopping, too, is done online. So an FBA seller could wind up spending hours on the computer. How about a lapdesk so they can collapse onto the couch and work in comfort?

Here’s one with a cup holder!


Blue Light Glasses

Speaking of computer-related wellness, staring at a screen all day can be really hard on your eyes. This is even worse if you're poring over data and numbers (think: sourcing online with Source Mogul, repricing your inventory, or matching up ASINs with your wholesale supplier). All that blue light and glare can lead to headaches, dry eyes, and poor sleep quality.

I recently gifted myself a pair of Blue Light Glasses to help me feel better after a long day of sourcing and blogging. These would make a great stocking stuffer for any Amazon seller!

A pair of blue light glasses

Receipt Scanner

Amazon sellers doing Retail Arbitrage wind up with a massive pile of receipts by the end of the year, and a shoebox is really not the greatest way to organize them. Not only do receipts fade over time, but do you really want to hand the IRS a shoebox of crumbled old receipts in the event of an audit??

This document scanner and digital filing system by NeatReceipts is a really handy tool to keep track of and digitally file those piles.


MileIQ Subscription

Along those same lines, it can be a pain to manually keep track of mileage. MileIQ is an app that automatically logs your miles for you, and then all you have to do is categorize them. It’s like one of the popular dating apps: swipe left or right!


Laser Printer

Amazon sellers print a lot of labels and those who fulfill orders themselves on Amazon or eBay need to print packing lists as well. With a laser printer, the job gets done faster and you save a lot of money on ink.

This Brother printer is the newest model of the one we’ve recommended for years. It offers wireless printing which means you can easily set it up near any work space.


Dymo Printer

If your favorite Amazon entrepreneur already has a laser printer, then a Dymo label printer is an incredible upgrade. Although it doesn't replace the need for a laser printer, it does allow you to print off individual product labels. This is a huge time saver and helps the prepping/shipping process go that much more smoothly.

Not convinced? Ask the Amazon seller in your life what frustrates them most about Amazon FBA – I bet the answer is prepping and shipping!

Label and Polybag Organizers

Speaking of labels, an Amazon seller's office can quickly become overrun by clutter! Dymo labels, Sold As Set stickers, bottles of Goo Gone, and label removers have a funny way of disappearing when you need them most! And if you really want to get under an Amazon seller's skin, ask them how organizing their polybags is going!

There are a few clever options for organizing all those random labels and bags. First up is an over-door shoe organizer! You can use the pockets to store labels, small polybags, and other miscellaneous tools that require easy access.

2 narrow over the door shoe organizers

For bigger polybags or just a neater storage option, you might want to consider stackable bins or drawers. This 10-drawer craft cart has wheels for portability and plenty of drawers for getting organized.

10 Drawer Craft Cart on Wheels

Bonus Ideas: Amazon Sellers' Dream Gifts

Now all of the above gifts would make amazing presents for Amazon sellers. But I want to share with you what the Amazon sellers I work with really want. Some of these can be bought and others are more like “wave a magic wand” gifts!


Sourcing, prepping, packing, and carrying around heavy boxes really add up! Massage is a great way for Amazon sellers to relax and relieve some of that muscle pain and tension. If the Amazon seller in your life already sees a local massage therapist, give them a call and ask for a gift certificate.

If you're looking to surprise someone with a massage, you can consider getting a gift card from SpaFinder. These gift cards are accepted at many spas and salons (just check their website for more info).

Gift certificate to SpaFinder

One-on-One Coaching

A lot of Amazon sellers want to make the ultimate investment in their business: more training and mentorship. I do work with a limited number of private coaching clients, so if you really want to make an Amazon seller's day, this would be an incredible opportunity!  To grab an hour of my time, you can see the details here.

Echo Dot + Alexa

Listen up, gift buyer, here's the good news about this “dream” gift: it's less than $50! So what's so special about getting an Echo Dot?

Well, if you install the Alexa app and the “Amazon Seller Central” Alexa Skill, you can ask your Dot questions like “Did I receive any orders?” or “What were my sales last week?”

It's the perfect gift for any Amazon seller who's addicted to refreshing their Amazon Seller App (aka ALL Amazon sellers!!).

3rd gen Echo dot

Time, Space, and Money!

These are like the big three “dream big” wishlist items for most Amazon sellers! I recently polled my Facebook group members for their most wanted Christmas items. Well, let's just say the sky's the limit!

Most sellers wanted a bigger office, warehouse space, an expanded garage, extra help or employees, and, of course, more money to spend on biz upgrades and inventory!!

Now maybe you can't literally give these gifts, but let's brainstorm some ways you could pitch in to help out an Amazon seller.

  • Helping someone convert a home office or garage to be more Amazon-friendly (work tables, shelving, expanded space, etc)
  • Volunteering your kiddos to help with label removing, bagging, or other easy prep tasks
  • Have unwanted gift cards or coupons lying around? An Amazon seller can easily turn those into profit!!
  • ASK them what they need! Amazon sellers often feel misunderstood (that's why we all hang out in so many Facebook groups!!). Just starting a conversation about anything you could do to help out could really make them feel special 🙂

For more ideas on what to get the Amazon seller, check out our blog about the Top 10 Tools for Amazon FBA Sellers.

If someone in your life is just starting out as an Amazon seller, you can always get them started out right by buying them the Amazon Boot Camp!

We hope this gift guide helps! Let us know in the comments if you're doing any shopping for an Amazon seller this year!

And for all of the Amazon sellers who are reading this right now, let me know – which of these would you LOVE to get as a gift?  Or, that you are getting for yourself?

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