Our most recommended tools for online sourcing. Some are free and some are paid. These can help productivity in your Amazon selling business.Online Sourcing is a great way for Amazon sellers to find profitable inventory for their FBA businesses.

The challenge is, it can also seem complicated at first, and a lot of sellers spend far too much time wading through website pages and products and not enough time finding and purchasing merchandise.  (I can help you learn how to be an expert online sourcer in my Online Sourcing Course)

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools that help make online sourcing easier for us. These include browser extensions, subscription tools with many features, and others.

It is certainly possible to source for products online without using any paid tools or programs. But we add tools to save time or to make processes easier.

Once you are at a point in your business that you are making a profit that leaves room for extra’s, then I say start slowly adding in new tools that will make you faster in the sourcing process.

Time = money right?

So now, let's get to some of our favorite tools for online sourcing and why we love them!

Automated Online Sourcing Software

Source Mogul

Source Mogul is the best automated online sourcing software on the market today!Source Mogul is the best automated online sourcing software available on the market right now.

You can use this tool to help you comb through hundreds of online retail stores and automatically compare the store's database with that of

Search filters make it easy to see exactly the types of products you want to sell and that they meet your business model's criteria.  Example, search by ROI, cost of the item, net profit, category and more.

It is also easy to add site-wide discounts to the search so you can know the profit after any special savings offers you may have available.

Get an exclusive 10-day trial by signing up with this link.

You can see my full review of Source Mogul here.

Cash Back Sites


ebatesAnyone selling on Amazon should use a cash-back service like Ebates.

We are already spending so much money when purchasing inventory online, so why not get some cash back at the same time?

I use the Ebates browser bar/button to instantly be reminded when I am making an online purchase and need to activate the cash back.  We have earned more than $4,000 in cash back from Ebates.

And it costs nothing to sign up! It's FREE (and you can get $10 instant cash back bonus for signing up today).

You can see my full review of Ebates here.


Swagbucks launched in 2005 and is unique in that it offers cash back or gift cards for more than just shopping.

You can earn points by doing things like shopping, taking surveys, even watching videos. Here are some of our best tips for using Swagbucks to get cash back online using Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is free to join. And if you use my link to sign up for Swagbucks you will get an extra $5 bonus upon confirming your email address!

Browser Extensions / Plugins For Online Sourcing

Online Sourcing Recommended Stores Folder

Online Sourcing Recommended Chrome Favorites FolderWith this awesome tool, you can easily add 150+ online sourcing sites to your Chrome Bookmark Bar.

You can install it and have it available to use in less than 5 minutes! You will never again wonder where to source from.

These are the stores that we give to our Virtual Assistants to source for us and our clients.

Want a sample?  Check out this post for 30 of our favorite online sourcing stores for free.

For only $15 you can grab it right here and get an instant download with easy step-by-step instructions.

Cleer Platinum
Cleer Platinum for making online sourcing much easier. the Selling family top 10 tools list

Cleer Platinum is an add-on to the Chrome browser that makes it super simple to compare products from a retail site to Amazon.

This tool adds buttons to the pages of many major retailers so that you can easily click to pull that item up on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Let's say you find an item on Walmart and want to see if it is selling on Amazon — you just click the Amazon button and it will bring up the search page on Amazon with the product already entered.

Similarly, when you are on Amazon, you can easily click to search other sites. So you can compare to eBay or check price history in Keepa or CamelCamelCamel, with just the click of one button.

This also comes with a bonus tool that will show you whether Amazon is a competing seller and the rank/category … Right from the search page on Amazon. So you can quickly see which products meet your criteria, or which search result you should dig into further.

The cost is normally around $119 (one-time fee).  Sign up today and get instant access.

Invisible Hand

This is a FREE extension that will search the internet and compare prices to other websites.

Talk about a secret weapon for online arbitrage!

If it finds a match, the Invisible Hand logo will pop up at the top of your screen and tell you where the lowest price is.

If you are already browsing a site that has the lowest price, it will give you the next lowest.

A great way to use this is to go to a product page on Amazon, and then Invisible Hand will let me know if I can purchase it cheaper from another website.

Rev Seller (on-screen FBA Calculator)

RevSeller adds the FBA Calculator features right onto the Amazon product page you are looking at.Rev Seller is a Chrome Extension that lets you calculate potential profits on the items you are looking at on

This saves you the step of having to open up the FBA Calculator in a new window and manually bringing over the selling price.

With RevSeller, you can automatically calculate the profits right on the same screen!

Talk about a time saver!

But, RevSeller is even more than just a profit calculator!

You can see a lot more information right at the top of the Amazon detail page.

You've got:

  • ASIN
  • Weight
  • Product Size
  • UPC
  • One-click to check if you are eligible to sell the product
  • And more…

The regular cost is $99 per year for the RevSeller extension and you can a free 30-day trial when you sign up for RevSeller today.

Textbook Arbitrage Extension - TexTrader

This is a different type of online arbitrage than we normally do. But I was very intrigued when I heard about it.

The tool helps you find textbooks that are being sold on Amazon in used condition for less than the trade-in value on Amazon.

Trade-in is super simple in that you just send the book to Amazon and they will give you a gift card for the agreed-upon amount. No need to wait for the book to sell.

Some students (or anyone, really) will list textbooks on Amazon just hoping for a quick sale. It's usually more than they can get from the local bookstore, so they are happy with the amount they get in the sale.

But you could actually turn around and flip them back to Amazon for a profit!

The cost of this tool is a one-time $59.99.

You can sign up here and you will even get some training videos on how to use the tool.

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker Extension

Keepa is the best way to see when Amazon has/hasn't had a product in stock. Keepa is one of my favorite research tools. For one, it is free to use!

Second, it tracks not only the price history on items, but it also tracks the rank history.

Camelcamelcamel does this as well.  But the main difference is that with Keepa, you can see where Amazon comes in and out of products or when something goes out of stock completely.

On CCC you just see a solid line and don't know when something has actually been in stock or not. If you have the Keepa plugin, you can see the chart right on your Amazon browser page.

Here's a great post that describes how to read a Keepa graph.

There is no cost associated with the Keepa plugin and you can grab it right here.

The Camelizer

We tend to talk about Keepa and CamelCamelCamel together, so it makes sense that we'd mention both extensions.

The Camelizer is also free.

When looking at a product on the Amazon listing page, you'd click on The Camelizer extension and get a quick overview of sales history for Amazon and third-party sellers.

You can click through to the full CamelCamelCamel site to view a more detailed history, including sales rank.



This must-have extension lets you see which cashback providers are providing the highest amount of cash back — on one screen. No more clicking around to compare.

When you are shopping on one of the supported websites, you can click the extension button and see which cashback site has the best offer! There are a ton of cashback sites and this handy tool gives you a great, easy-to-read chart.

It also shows you any available coupon codes.

You can grab the extension here and then you can download the extension immediately after payment.

The price for The Selling Family readers is $5 less than you can get it anywhere else 🙂

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout comes in a Chrome extension or a web app.

You can use the Jungle Scout estimator to get an idea how many of an item will sell in a month to help you guess how many you can sell.

The web app gives you a product database that helps you search and filter quickly. You can track products, too, and keep an eye on your competition.

The app is also helpful for finding new niches.

The extension provides monthly sales and revenue estimates, average rating and number of reviews, category and bestseller ranks, and additional features, depending on whether you choose the Lite or the Pro version.

The extension is a one-time fee of $97 for Lite or $197 for Pro.

The web app is a subscription-based service billed annually and offers three tiers that allow you to track different amounts of products.

You can sign up for Jungle Scout here.

Bonus Recommendation For Online Sourcing Productivity

ABC's of Online Sourcing Video Course


I know this isn't a tool, but if you are new to Online Sourcing, this video course will give you a great overview of the process.

In the ABC's of Online Sourcing course, we walk you through you the entire process of finding inventory to resell on Amazon using online stores.

The course is broken down into four modules before we wrap things up with some frequently asked questions.

We talk about how to find good stores to source from, the difference between sourcing locally and sourcing online, and how to size up your competition. I also walk you through my sourcing process.


That's a lot of ways to help you be more productive in your Amazon online sourcing!

Like I mentioned in the beginning, you don't need to have ALL of these tools.  I recommend adding just one or two at a time, and as you continue to grow your business, add more.

Some will work for one business, and not at all for another.  Only you know what type of tool will help your productivity.

Have a favorite tool for online sourcing we didn't mention?  Let us know in the comments below…

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