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We have lots of trainings to help you grow and manage your Amazon FBA Business

Sourcing Strategies To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

One-on-One Coaching: Do you have some questions that would be best answered in a one on one fashion?  Now you can schedule time with Jessica to get answers to your biggest Amazon related questions!   Sessions can be purchased in 15-minute increments.  We can cover whatever you need during your session.  Some topics people choose to discuss:  product selection, ranks, pricing, profitability, bookkeeping, etc.

Liquidation Gold: Liquidation is the secret behind how we quickly scaled a 6 figure Amazon business with very little investment capital.  Stores often get rid of their overstock to surplus stores and we find those outlets and cash in!  Often we buy products for well below retail value, leaving very high profit margins.  See how we do it in this ebook.

Niche Book Profits: Are you looking for a way to get into the “used book” business? This guide will show you exactly how to find highly profitable niches that will save you a ton of time scanning and help you focus just on the best books!

Toy Category and Brand Ungating Workshop: Are you tired of scanning toys only to find that you are restricted from selling them?  This workshop will walk you through the process of getting ungated in the toys subcategory on Amazon as well as get unrestricted in some of the top brands of toys on Amazon.

BoloMart: Looking for a way to see what other Amazon sellers are actually buying for their Amazon businesses? BoloMart is a place for you to mastermind with other sellers as well as benefit from sharing BOLO with this tight knit group of sellers.

Back To School Profits Course: Don't let summer slow down your Amazon business!  Families are spending almost as much on Back To School as they do for the Christmas Holiday.  Don't miss out on the opportunity that the going back to school season provides Amazon sellers.  We show you how to know which trends to follow, and make sure you know what kids are looking for, even if you don't have kids going back to school in your own household.

Amazon Seller Q4 Training

Q4 Profits Strategy Guide:  If you’re ready to take home your share of the profit pie and learn how to take advantage of the Online Christmas Shopping Frenzy then this guide is for you. We’ll keep this short and sweet and let you get right to work. If you’ve been at a mall or seen the UPS packages delivered to your neighbors’ houses in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you know there’s a whole lot of shopping going on during the 4th Quarter.  This course is made up of a downloadable ebook and videos.

Strategies To Manage Your Amazon FBA Business

How To Merchant Fulfill On Amazon

How To Merchant Fulfill On Amazon:  In this course I will walk you through the process of setting up your shipping templates, listing your items merchant fulfilled and sending out your orders once they sell!

How To Correctly Price Your Products For Amazon

Pricing Strategies For Amazon In this live training I shared the different strategies we utilize for making sure we have the best pricing to be selling our items on Amazon.  There are different ways to approach pricing depending on if Amazon is a seller, there are other FBA sellers or if there are no sellers at all.  Grab this recording to know what to do in any pricing situation and make sure you are always getting the highest price!

revROI Chrome Extension

revROI Chrome Extension: This must-have extension lets you see which cashback providers are providing the highest amount of cash back — on one screen. No more clicking around to compare.
Now you can easily see which CashBack providers (Ebates, Swagbucks, Mr.Rebates, etc) are offering the highest amount of cashback right now. With just a click of a button, you will see all of the cash back sites on an easy to read graph.  You will also see if there are any coupon codes available to use or, any discount gift cards you could purchase to lower the cost of your purchase even further.  Cash Back sites are a great way to add a higher profit margin to your online sourcing and this chrome extension makes it all so much easier!

Online Sourcing Bookmark Folder

Online Sourcing Bookmark Folder: We have an awesome tool you can use that will easily add over 150 recommended online sourcing sites to your Chrome Bookmark Bar.  It includes all of the stores shown in the picture, plus more!  You will never again be wondering where to source from.  You can have this installed and available for you to use in less than 5 minutes!  This tool will add a folder to your browser bar, where you can click the folder and make a selection from any of the over 150 stores that are good for online sourcing.