One way to get a little extra profit out of your retail arbitrage items is to strategically package them together.

Sometimes, this might just be packaging multiple quantities of the same item together. Amazon calls this a “Multi-Pack.” An Amazon customer might find it more appealing to buy a multi-pack of 4 boxes of crackers for $16 instead of buying them individually for $5 each.

Another great strategy is to package different (but complementary) items together which Amazon refers to as a “Bundle.” A bundle might be something like a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, and a shower curtain all in the same pattern (and sold as a single item).

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The terms get confusing sometimes, but that's how Amazon classifies them. I admit that I am personally guilty of calling multi-packs “bundles” when I am talking about packaging them up.

How To Package Multi Packs & Bundles For Amazon FBA4 Ways to Package Multi-Packs and Bundles

When you ship your bundles and multi-packs into Amazon FBA, it's important that they all be packaged together as a single unit.

If you just ship your items in separately, Amazon won't know what to do with them when they arrive at the warehouse. The last thing you want is a customer expecting to receive four boxes of crackers and only getting one in the mail!

I created a video to show four different ways you can package up your bundles and multi-packs. The first video is with 3 of the same items (a multi-pack).

Here are the four methods that I demonstrate (in order) in the first video:

  1. Using shrink wrap with an impulse sealer and heat gun
  2. A clear poly bag with a self-sealing strip
  3. A clear poly bag sealed with an impulse sealer
  4. Clear Duck Brand stretch wrap

This second video is showing two different items packaged together. The two items I use here make no sense together, but I am just showing different shapes and how it would look to the buyer 🙂

I find myself reaching for the self-sealing polybags most often. They're incredibly easy to use and you can get them with the Amazon-compliant suffocation warning printed right on the bag.

How to Package Items Sold as a Set for Amazon FBA

Another must-watch video is Amazon's own video training on how to package items sold as a set.

You'll see in the video that the “do not separate” or “sold as set” labels are essential and required by Amazon. If you don't include this on your packaging, Amazon might charge you an extra fee for doing the prep for you.

If you're ever in a bind because you've run out of “do not separate” or suffocation warning labels, you can always print your own on a Dymo or with regular 30-up label sheets. I just find that I use the pre-printed ones often enough to justify the low cost!

This video also answers another common question about packing items in poly bags for Amazon FBA: your Amazon barcode label must be scannable without opening or removing the packaging. The safest way to ensure that this is possible is to put your label on the outside of the packaging.

If you explore Amazon's FBA Video Tutorials, you'll see that there are other times you might need poly bags and warning labels besides bundles and multi-packs. This video demonstrates how to package clothes, fabric, plush, and textile products for Amazon FBA. 

Supplies for Packaging Multiple Items

Here are the exact tools I use when packaging products for FBA. You can buy all of them from Amazon if you click on the links below.

Clear poly bags with suffocation warning + self-seal strip

This is a pack of 400 poly bags in 4 commonly-used sizes: 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, and 11×14. These already have the suffocation label printed on them and they have the self-stealing strip.

Clear poly bags with suffocation warning (no self-seal strip)

This is also for a pack of 400 poly bags (100 each of 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, and 11×14) but they do not have the self-sealing strip. You would need to tape these shut or use an impulse sealer.

16″ Impulse Sealer

Used to seal poly bags or shrinkwrapped items.

16″ polyolefin shrink film

525 feet of 75 gauge shrink film for use in an impulse sealer.

Wagner Heat Gun

A heat gun is used for shrinking down the shrinkwrap. You might also find that it comes in handy for removing stubborn labels from retail packaging!

Duck Brand Stretch Wrap

This listing is for 1,000 feet of 5″ stretch wrap.

Suffocation Warning Labels (2″ x 2″)

You will need these labels if you are using stretch wrap, shrink film, or clear poly bags that do not already have the suffocation warning printed on the bag. This listing is for 2 rolls of 500 labels.

Orange “Do Not Separate” Stickers

These stickers are the easiest way to comply with the Amazon rules for properly labeling your multi-packs and bundles. This listing is for 2 rolls of 500 labels.

Start Selling Multi-Packs and Bundles

I hope this helps get you going with multi-packs and bundles! They can both be profitable additions to your inventory and they make great replenishables, so don't let a fear of packaging hold you back!

What are your favorite methods for packaging your bundles? Share any tips in the comments below!